Openmpt Be Badmouthin Us! :O

Someone in another thread mentioned people on the OpenMPT forums discussing Renoise, so I thought I’d check it out.

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Well… I did ask for note interpolation a while back. :lol:

But other than that, what do we care what they think? Renoise is in a league of its own.

It’s a tiresome discussion, there are even worse “versus” discussions going on, like for example “Analogue vs Digital”, and “FruityLoops vs Ableton Live”, or “Max/MSP vs Any DAW You Can Thing Of”, but with added stupidity++
People forget that it’s the talent and skill that makes the music, not the tools.

A wonderful good evening to all Renoise users out there!
First of all, thanks a lot to my dear friend dfast, mastar of all Renoise users, who has told be about this thread. Without him, I wouldn’t know about this brouhaha, so thanks a lot!
Also, yes, I’m the guy you all might now know as “Jojo”. Or “Saga Musix”. I actually prefer the latter. Oh, and I also want to say that this post does not represent the opinion of the OpenMPT team, so please leave them out of this discussion, thanks!

Exactly, at least I myself didn’t even try to find any.

Wow man, you know, we got opinions too! Might I also add that I have spent years making music with OpenMPT before I joined the dev team about one year and a half ago, so I haven’t been a dev for a long time really!

Excellent comparison man, I envy you for finding such a nice analogy. More seriously though, I only implement features that make sense to me or that I personally want - if you had a look at the feature suggestion board over at ModPlug Central, you’d see that most (meaning almost all) feature requests that have been made since 2006 have not been implemented, mostly because we’re a very small dev team who do this in their spare time and don’t get any more for it, unlike Taktik. In this particular case, though, I have heard from an user (who shall not be named in this thread, unless he shows up himself here) who told me about some really easy to implement and useful functions that he suggested (mostly about pattern automation) but that always got ignored. What a pity, it would have maybe been 100 lines of code at maximum!

No shit.

That assignment was actually not about Renoise but about open source software. I merely picked OpenMPT vs Renoise as an example to directly compare how the two different kinds of software (open source / proprietary) are different in some aspects. And the whole thing was not about bashing Renoise developers (which I respect a whole lot, btw), but about things like release cycles, license stuff, etc…

True that. I have no Renoise Backstage account, so I cannot research all your secret stuff you write over there! Guys, get it: This was one example to show that your friendly devs are not always “working 200% to put new features into Renoise”.

Show me where I did this?

Yeah, that’s my opinion. Am I not allowed to have one? The Renoise website even praises Renoise as a “DAW based on trackers”, which is obviously not a tracker in the oldskool sense anymore.
Aaaand it’s just unfair to allow Renoise in tracked music compos (like it is the case at Evoke demoparty), because it does make a big difference. Now you all might say of course “Renoise is so much better because it doesn’t limit itself to old tracker restrictions”, and you’re right about that. But that does not make the situation in tracker compos better, it makes it just worse. It does not belong there.

True dat, I love Amiga, I love C64, I love old mod music and try to make OpenMPT a good replayer for those. But at the same time, OpenMPT can handle VSTs and stuff, which I also happen to use, but I don’t know very much about VST technology, so that’s what the other devs are for!

Awesome stats, man. Maybe you should compare and at least, to make it a bit more fair. Not that it would be relevant, lol.

HEY HELLO, it’s me, your friend Saga Musix who wasn’t showing up at your desk at BP08!

Fun fact: I’m living less than 3 kilometers away from an atomic power plant.

So, I hope you are all upset about my oldskool attitude now and go on flaming even more! And if someone seriously wants to talk with me about this and the relevance of Renoise in the tracking scene, why don’t you simply visit Breakpoint 2010, take part in my tracker music competition (no Renoise allowed of course) and have a nice talk with me? That would be awesome of course!

In other news, this thread is about Eduard Khil now.

Peace to all Renoise users and developers,

  • a concerned OpenMPT user and developer.

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It’s somewhat funny to think that trackers were something that used to push the limits of the hardware to make more powerful music with less resources…

And now the only tracker which really does that is not considered to be a pert of tracker scene anymore… :D

Some people don’t consider a tracker a tracker unless it can create files playable on a 286 and transferable by an 8 baud modem. I say, if it looks like a tracker, and works like a tracker, and tracker sceners are using it, then chances are it’s a tracker.

I’m not a dev or even aspire to be one (only cheating with scripts).
But unless you’ve seen the code, how do you know it’s 100 lines of code or that those 100 lines of code doesn’t involve other areas ?
I’m an IT professional and our company do develop software so I know the process we are going through to release a new version.
Basicly we make a set of feature enhancements and develop the new version of the product based on those.
Once that is done we add more features for the version after that.
We don’t mid-development add new stuff all the time because you would never get a finished product version that way.
Then you also have to make priorities, sometimes really simple stuff take long to implement because there are 100’s of those simple enhancements on the list.

I’m not trying de-value what you guys do but there is a difference when someone pays you for the product.
You have to reach a point of maturity in the product including new features.
If it’s for free no one can really complain if the product doesn’t promise what it’s setup to do.
It doesn’t mean that I think you don’t take complaints seriously but there is a difference.

Not only that, but something which takes 100 lines of code has to be optimized to work efficiently… 100 lines is actually quite a bit, believe it or not, and if you’re adding that much code to a program, it’s going to have a performance impact. Haphazardly adding random shit to an application known for its performance can have major drawbacks in the areas of speed and stability.

100 is even greatly overestimated. It was about an feature (in-pattern automation) that already existed in a way or another, but it was somehow limited in its usage. I won’t post IRC logs here, so I won’t go into detail.

No matter how he tries to explain himself and settle things (which is good i give him that), Saga Musix still sounds like a direct cunt.
Also, Mike Paradinas called, he wants his name back :P