Operating Systems

yo chaps.

I should be getting a laptop soon,but im thinking of replacing the vista system it comes with,with either xp or linux(ubuntu) anyone have any suggestions?I want to run renoise and cubase on it…

Get OSX and a macbook :yeah:

OS X Leopard and a macbook

and cubase?
I guess Linux will then fall out of your scope of opportunities.
But OSX is Cubase supporting.
If you already own a Windows license of Cubase, i doubt you get it working using e.g. Wine under Linux.
Mostly the software protection routines terminate your plans abruptly.

If you get OSX, run Logic
If you get Linux, run Renoise
If you get XP-64, run Renoise, Reason, FL Studio together :yeah:

XPsp3-32 for now.

oo,yeaah id love to get a macbook,but it is a bit out of my price range,only a bit,but i can get good discounts on pc`s whereas i can only get like 5%on a macbook,which isnt too helpful :( so it looks like its gonna be xp :P

just save more money for one month and you will have much more and longer fun with a macbook.

imagin… no virusses, less strange errors, no balloons in the richt-lower corner, no windows :P



Anything except Vista.

If you do go for XP, keep it clean and lean, avoid the crapware, turn off unnecessary services and you’ll be fine (my ancient XP laptop runs renoise and ableton flawlessley).

If you’re not confident in keeping a PC clean, get a MacBook (not massively expensive at all these days, and very nice indeed).

If you get Linux, please do not get Ubuntu. I would suggest Fedora or, I guess, Gentoo if you’re a sadist.

I usually use XP with Renoise mostly because most of the VSTs are compiled for Windows.

Can’t this guy just get a PC notebook and hackintosh it to run OSX, or do I live in a parallel universe where that is true?

I heard this was possible, but I doubt the stability of it.

And yes xp would be oke too but like datassette said: keep it clean.
And my advise: disable your network connection.

i doubt the stability & security of osx on apples own hardware; when everyone is thinking different, they are all thinking the same. :P

oh yes, for this situation.

licensed xp

wow, i never saw this until right now.

xp is totally sticking it’s tongue at me.

XP32 SP3 licensed(!) with a lot of nice freeware vsts and free-av for virus-protection. Browser: FF or Opera, Mailer: Anything except Outlook. Office: Openoffice.

I am running XP since 4 years now and the pc still never crashes. And starts up in 30 seconds.

For keeping the PC fast, use CCLEANER :) Make uninstalls with revo uninstaller. (both freeware)

Audio-recording: Audacity.

Midi: Midiyoke

Ah, yes, the dreaded balloon tips…Here’s the registry code for disabling them:

I would like to install Ubuntu with realtime kernel, since I hear a lot of good things from people here on the board. It seems to be able to pull off some really low latency :slight_smile:

yeah thats why i was considering trying it out

Uh-oh…the newest firmware release (around christmas) didn’t solve all issues, or…?

that. made me laugh out loud!

ah yes, something about running renoise on ubuntu makes me feel Futuristic!

although, i really need to change my sig because i gotten lazy and have been doing the mortal sin of using xp for the past few months. i f’d up my networking when i put ubuntu studio on top of the main ubuntu, and now i can’t update it through my neighbors wifi. without a lot of reading.