option to disable vsti gui pin by default

option to disable vsti gui pin by default. it is very annoying. it keeps on changing my plugins position.

Yes, very much agreed.

Actually i was gonna make a thread about this. thanks =)




I think it was more clear to have just the vsti gui on a floating window (as it was before 3.0) and you lost a lot of space on some little vsti gui…

Plus it was more efficient (for me) to have the ability to choose a new vsti directly from the pattern editor screen.
Now when you select plugin tab you lose the pattern editor. Not a big deal but i can’t see the benefit of a special screen for vsti gui… on single monitor of course.

How the pin works right now doesn’t make much sense to me.
When clicking a plugin in the instrument list:

When attatched pinned - opens plugin gui only (this is fine for me but should bring you to the instrument editor because of pin)
when detached pinned - opens plugin gui in instrument editor (as expected)
when attached unpinned - opens plugin gui only (as it should)
when detached unpinned - opens only the instrument editor (should open the plugin gui)

ow and the instrument editor doesn’t have to open every time I open Renoise (when detached)

we need to be able to control the default behaviour