Optional Extra: Upload Backup?

After my best mate had his laptop violently robbed from him in his own home (and after staying at his brother’s overnight his house was burgled again), he was really pissed that he didn’t have a backup of his most recent tunes with him, and that we couldn’t do our gig (even though I knew I had all the hardware & software to play his stuff. Then I thought, what if users were given the optional extra to be able to save to an area designated for them on a Renoise web server? Just have an option to ‘save online’, which could login to a space which uses their paying user account’s username & password (or some clever trickery with Renoise being personalised to name perhaps). I would certainly pay for it to be an optional extra, perhaps like a Premium package. I wouldn’t have the first idea on how to implement it, but surely having that as an option would be pretty useful to a lot of people. Perhaps not for those who use render to sample for large sections of music, or just large samples in ther songs… hmmm

Thing I’m trying to get at is that some people want to just write music, and don’t want to faff about with backing up & perhaps don’t even think of it until the worst has happened. Having this option may reduce that risk IMO. Anyone agree?

Projects can get very large, it would require approx. 500mb per user at least.
There are lots of sources that can offer you this storage for free.
Orbit services even offer 1GB for free… they have an upload tool that allows you to synchronise local and online resources… i think there is no better solution than this

Yes I agree, users will have potentially huge songs to upload which would probably vary greatly depending on samples used, (even though in my case, a song rarely gets above 25MB). My point is to make this kind of thing available within Renoise, perhaps with a size limit, and an option to just save the song data. At least users could have their hard editing work saved and could reconstruct the songs if they still had the sample sources and VSTs would still remain unchanged in a lot of cases. Perhaps I’m just stabbing in the dark at an easy fix for users who don’t back up. I do regularly btw!

That orbitfiles thing does seem pretty good though, might give that a try :)

People tell me i’m crazy for my back-up plans.
I make back-ups on hdd’s and CD-R’s and put them in a fire-proof vault.
and I always carry a memory stick with me with my latest alternations and a copy of renoise.
(also usefull when ideas get you on location)

Maybe a memory stick would be a good Idea.
those of corsair are very good, rubber exterior.
let it drop, leave it in the rain, It will still give you access to your data.

No, I’m not getting paid, I’d thought it was a good and cheap advice :)

There’s also Mozy, for example… or hundreds of file sharing sites. If you want storage with direct links you can register to the Opera community and get 300MB free space.

Personally, I prefer to backup to HDDs and flash drives.

orbit offers 1GB for free, but if you pay 10 dollars a year, you get 20Gb for that and for 20 bucks you get 50GB… i would call that an off-site harddrive backup, though be it, very slow at the moment (usually most DSL connections don’t have higher bandwidth than 1Mbit up).

you will also need fast money to set up the system :)

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