Organize Your Instruments In A Song!

with the new powerful instruments list enhancements which have been implemented since Renoise 1.8, you can easily organize a messed instruments list in a song.

1] you can drag&drop instruments onto a new position in the list
2] you can rapidly rename an instrument with LCTRL+R shortcut (when focus is on the instruments list)
3] you can insert a new instrument right under the selected one by pressing INS key (as above)

this is everything you need to perform the task!

In this picture, you see part of an organized orchestra section. the gray instruments are fake, void instruments which have been created for the sole purpose of dividing different orchestra sections

together with the ability of renaming tracks and patterns, this gives you a coherent and fast-searchable organization of your biggest and most complex songs!

Am I the only one thinking that I already saw a similar thing in X-tracker? No doubt, this is a great feature :)

those are fantastic features! Please consider implementing Drag&Drop sample from Windows [lets say - Desktop] over the Renoise Icon = program to load sample on the first next free instrument slot. Or drag sample to StartBar [where Renoise program is opened], and drop over the program [after it is maximized]… Plz think about this. Dragging song over the Renoise icon - opens new song.

There have been a few suggestions for drag&drop features of Renoise:

-Batch process xrns songs from rendering
-Batch process .rns files to automatically convert them to xrns without having to do this manually
-Batch process rni files to xrni…

this is really amazing.
I don’t know if this was already the case in 1.5
but I never dared to move samples around because the song would not play the good samples.
But Renoise updates the sample numbers perfectly in the tracks

Really amazing!