Organizing phrases in libraries?

What about the possibility to save a bunch of phrases to a library so that you can load this bunch thereafter, for example to use it for another .xrni-instrument? Bunch%20of%20Phrases

You can use the menu at the top right of the instrument editor to save your phrases to the User Library. The same menu can then be used to load the phrases into another instrument without overwriting any other part of it.


Hi Achenar,
Yes, thats what I’m doing:. I think, this is a great way when you just have a few phrases, so that you can handling it one by one.

But what I’m looking for is managing bulk: Say, you have a Trumpet, Trumpet_1, in Song 1. I build this instrument, save, then i create, say, 24 Phrases for it.

Then I think, hey, let’s make a second trumpet. So I’ll pick some samples, build a Trumpet_2. Now, I would load a file called Phrases_Song_1. So, at a glance, my second Trumpet would have exact all these fine samples! That’s the point: import & export a lot of phrases just by a few clicks.

So now I can play Jazz. A Z09 command in Trumpet_2 would do the same thing as in Trumpet_1. Lecker! Or shall I answer Trumpet_1 with a Z08 from the Saxophone that uses the same (or another) library?


Breaking the thread a bit, I think there is an error in the phrases grid (W10, R3.2.0). Here:



  1. Create a phrase (slot 01)
  2. Press CTRL + drag inside the slot to duplicate it!
  3. This operation not work!

Returnint within this theard, I think there is a way to make that much easier with a menu tool (inside the phrases grid):

  1. Export all Phrases Of The Instrument.
  2. Import all the selected phrases.

The phrases are XML files. It is very easy to work with this information, which is very libyan. There is no problem in working with 126 files at a time. Renoise only allows you to export / import a single phrase at a time. In fact, it does not seem that the phrases grill has the ability to select multiple to work with several phrases at once. Select phrases 1, 7 and 9 to export, for example.
In fact, the phrases could be displayed in an integrated and optional top framework list with your name (phrase names), and you can work there to manage them:

  • Edit the name
  • Select multiple phrases.
  • Sort phrases.
  • Drag multiple, clone…
  • Export multiple…

Honestly, I think that precisely these details prevent phrases from being used massively. It is hard to work with multiple at once. It is also not possible to select multiple phrases to drag from the Keymap (shift + click).