Original Buzz Being Rebuild By Oskari

From the Buzz machines site:

[b]"Original Buzz being rebuild by Oskari! by mva

Yes, it’s not a very late aprils fools joke, it’s true. Oskari, the developer behind Buzz is rebuilding Buzz from his old backups. Check out his beta site here, which contains a changelog and a downloadable beta of buzz.exe. You can follow or participate the discussion at buzzchurch.com here. Leave your comments here at buzzmachines.com!"[/b]


The Buzz forum seems to be member-only, so may I ask why it’s being rebuilt?


I need an executive summary, I’m afraid. It’s been like 10 years since I used Buzz

The original source code was lost years ago. It’s a good reminder of why you should back stuff up regularly :)

@Bantai: Are you implying that Oskari just got lazy and realized he could get money without fixing bugs? :P

Or smart enough to backup older sources across his newest ones…
I made such a mistake only once in my life…

There are several BUZZ-remake projects, afaik.
Buse, Buzzle, Buzztard…

Apparently original Buzz is windows only, unstable, and a bit complicated to install, hence the remakes.
Buzztard seems most promising imo, but it’s Linux only, so far.

Still, this is very interesting news, and I know bunch of people who have wet their pants just now. :D

Always loved the machine-view of Buzz, but hated the lousy sequencers and the fact that they are all separate so you can see only one track at a time.

Yeh, well, soccer players are bound by the contract, and freeware developers are not.
That only makes their (devs’) decision to quit, no questions asked, more acceptable to the public.

you are not alone with your theory about BUZZ, Bantai.

with oskari on a vista machine…
im so excited!

btw: buzè for win (imo, best buzzclone so far) but the newest version isnt up.

All the conspiracy theories a side, I think it is a good thing the original creator is back at fixing & pimping this influential software (Renoise can learn a thing or 2 from (not flamebaiting :-)).

Yep. Buzz is still the most powerful tracker out there. Heck, it still might be the most powerful audio environment…and totally free.

Once Renoise gets modular routing, super meta device (native sidechain, etc), better arranger, sdk to allow folks to write native instruments/effects, etc Then things will change.

I’ll stick with Renoise though. I doubt Oskari will port Buzz to OS X or Linux.

Still, I remember playing with the 1999 (or was it 1998) betas I got off IRC. Buzz kicked me in the gut.

For all I know he didn’t (work for ImageLine). He, though, sold a buggy version of a buzz modules adapter to them and refused to work on ironing out bugs unless for lots of cash… what he didn’t receive, leaving a bugged buzz machines adapter in FL which needs to be kept for downward compatibility. :unsure: :blink:

edit: ok. now I got the “perfect way out” point. :D

Is that the thing you can buy from Jeskola site for 5K euro? :D

Buzz is a very, very good tracker, with huge possibilities. It is, however, quite unstable, and as already mentioned, it can be pretty chaotic with many machines going simultaneously.
For the creation of strange sounds and sequences, it’s a very nice piece of software.

For me - having bought Reaktor, I find Renoise much more efficient, and reckon this is the sequencing software I’ll settle for.
I will nonentheless keep a close eye at the further development of Buzz.

IMO that is perhaps the best feature of buzz (and the respective clones) compared to other trackers. Each machine is independent (concerning patterns) of each other…so you can quickly mix and match. This concept is further refined in Buze, where you can double click a pattern in the sequence view and open that pattern directly…which greatly increases workflow.

I, for one, am very :w00t: about this. But, you can’t really compare buzz to any other tracker (renoise included) out there (again, IMO). Not dissing renoise in any way, as it is a wonderfully feature rich tracker…just Buzz has always ‘clicked’ more for me once I ditched FT2 way back when…nowadays I just don’t gel with the more traditional approach to the tracker paradigm.

That buzz is buggy is known…
The test-drive tonight proved it once more… downloaded the whole pack from buzzmachines.com and ran through the whole install procedure from start to end doing a straight default setup.
Once the splash screen pops up, buzz crashes out. With the new beta one:the same.
Perhaps the extra shit like overload in the pack makes buzz even more unstable.
If they want to offer buzz running out of the box, they would do well not to add a lot of shit into the pack.

there is really no point in using the buzz massive pack from buzzmachines anymore. it’s incredibly out of date, uses many buggy machines and most of the time will not work with the new updated buzz.exe

you’re much better off using the following packs:

keep in mind. these packs will suggest you install the buzz overloader extension but the new buzz exe does not work with overloader.
to overcome this problem… either do not install overloader into your buzz setup
if you already have and want to still keep it for the old buzz…
refer to this extremely smart post: http://www.buzzchurch.com/viewtopic.php?p=21735#21735

No offence to Renoise or the Renoise team, but I am probably going to be using Buzz for my music from now on. The sequence editor just makes it ten times easier to create and edit a song. I know you can cut and paste tracks and patterns in Renoise, but the Buzz sequence editor just makes it all so much quicker to put down where you want each part of your song to go, and to just as easily move them around. (Unless there’s a way of doing this in Renoise just as quickly, which I don’t know about!)

This is one of the most exciting things to happen this millenium! A stable version of Buzz is like a dream come true!

I love Renoise but I love Buzz more.