Oscillator sync inside the sampler

Not sure if this is possible but is there a way to sync a wave to another wave’s pitch inside the sampler?
I think its called oscillator sync

For more information on what I’m referring to to:
(I skipped to the part where he shows what it sounds like)

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You can use any actual wavetable synth instead. Try Vital from Vital - Spectral Warping Wavetable Synth Serum, Phase Plant, VPS Avenger Massive X, Omnisphere, UVI Falcon or else.

Eventually the shortcircuit sampler from Vember Audio had osc sync, too. But it seems to be unavailable.
Morpheus could do that as well (32 Bit - not tested) Download Free Stereo FM sampler plugin: Morpheus by Land of Cockaigne (plugins4free.com)

Biotek may also be worth to have a look at:
BioTek 2 | organic synthesizer virtual instrument software - Tracktion

You may want to check this thread as well:
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The problem you would have is getting effectively the sample start of sample A (let’s say OSC1) to trigger the restart of Sample B (OSC2) to force an oscillator style sync like would happen in a synth with hard sync. It would at least take a dedicated tool and as I’m not a developer I have no idea if it would even be possible. You’re better off using a VST with the feature as suggested, but I am more than happy to be proven wrong.

Couldn’t that just be something like?:


Or a two sample version for more frequency control?
The instrument below has two overlapped samples:

Sample 1, Keep Slow, Vary Frequency for effect:

Sample 2, Faster, Vary Loop-End-Marker for effect:

Since Renoise has samples, not really OSCs, it is difficult to implement a real OSC sync. I am not saying this is not possible, but it certainly would require a new concept for some kind of a special oscillator / single cycle / wavetable mode instead a resampler/player. So this would require a lot of effort and time, conceptual, programmatical and also design-wise, so I doubt that this will be a topic at all (since there are so many other more obvious points)

Much more easily to implement would be a ringmod cross-sample mode, or a sidechain for the ringmod device. Still even these simple solutions could not compete with a real osc-based/synthesizer-based conception, but would give interesting new sound possibilities at least.