Osx: Finally Know How To Replicate Repeat Rate Bug

Okay, took me a while, but here it is.

  1. Start Renoise.
  2. Open Scripting Terminal & Editor.
  3. Cmd-Tab to any other application.
  4. Click on Scripting Terminal & Editor with your mouse.
  5. Notice pckeyboard has lost repeat rate. (now it doesnt work)
  6. Cmd-Tab away from Renoise
  7. Cmd-Tab back to Renoise - keyboard repeat rate has been re-instated (now it works)

Expected behaviour:
No matter how many times you cmd-tab away from Renoise and back to Scripting Terminal&Editor, keyboard repeat rate remains the same.

Actual behaviour:
Keyboard rate is lost and one has to cmd-tab away from the Scripting Terminal & Editor and back again to get keyboard repeat rate re-instated to it’s correct setting.

This is one way of getting it to crap out… And it can be replicated everytime.

Here are links to previous threads relating to keyboard rate getting shot. In each one I try to describe some facets of this really annoying issue :) :

14 April 2011: http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?/topic/29833-osx-keyboard-input-problems-after-cmd-tab-to-renoise

16 May 2011: http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?/topic/30404-fixed-272-osx-scripting-terminaleditor-may-lose-keyrepeat

09 June 2011: [Fixed] Osx: Keyboard Repeatrate Gets Shot

06 July 2011: Osx: Scripting Terminal&Editor May Lose Keyrepeat (Again)

Confirmed, Jenoki cannot replicate this with Windows
Anyone wanna try on Linux?

I can confirm this bug.

The key step is “4) Click on Scripting Terminal & Editor with your mouse.”

Key repeat is lost when mouse clicking back.

:w00t: Awesome. Thanks for confirming it, Conner_Bw.
Can anyone confirm that on Linux?

Can confirm this as well and spend quite a long time debugging this, but I really have no clue why this happens. This only happens on OSX and it’s OSX which skips repeats here, not some internal Renoise stuff. Giving up for now, but will try to solve that somewhen later again. Sorry.

thanks heaps for looking into it.
There’s also a similar weird gui bug, i.e., if i’m in various other applications for a long while, and then cmd-tab back to renoise, the top menu bar will show the Renoise top menu, but the renoise interface doesn’t come on top. then when i switch away from the “non-visible” renoise, and back to renoise, the interface shows up again.
i’d have a video of this if i knew how to recreate this, but i do know that during long hours i encounter this.