OSX / Macbook pro keymap

Share your xml, please

I’ve been roaming through the forum for a while but have only found this thread Shortcut Keys, where I see the link I need, though the link is,unfortunately, dead. Remapping the whole bunch of missing shortcuts is not an option for me (there’s just waay too much). It’s weird there’s no any sort of default keymap for mac developed by devs, so newbies would have something to start off with.
I’m sure there’re plenty of renoise users on mac out there, who have already set their shortcuts up, so could you guys, share your configs, please?
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After some hours of demo I finally got my own renoise on the MacBook pro and have been getting more serious. I have no idea what I’m missing out on, can you explain what kinds of shortcuts are missing?

As osx laptops miss numpads, some predifined keybindings are not there for you by default e.g. toggle “follow play cursor”, halve/double loop and many others. So you have to go through process of learning what functions are neccessary for you and which keys you’d like to map them to (which is quite a ton of work to be honest, especially if you care about logic and consistancy in your mappings.