Shortcut Keys

Hi Guys,
just bought Renoise.
So far it looks very, very promising, and I like it so much.
But (there is always these “buts”)
I’m a sort of “old_school” guy from Impulse Tracker and ModPlug Tracker Era.
And my fingers are still calibrated for IT shortcut keys.
Is there any chance to find / get IT shortcut keys SET to import for Mac version?

Thanks in advance

Hi. First of all, if you’re on OSX, save this on your drive and load the XML to your Preferences->Keys.

Second of all, install these Global View presets (F2, F3, F4, F11)…

This should at least get you started :)

You’ve made my day!

Nice that there are solutions for people who have to buy a mac because they cannot afford a PC. :D

actually it’s the other way round.

Hehe, i just couldn’t help myself. :D

Let me know how it works out for you :)