OSX: Magical 8bit AU, Plug-In GUI fails to open

I have a similar problem that astroboy has. I’ve recently downloaded the most recent version and have installed the component, but when I try to open the plug-in via the Ext. Editor it tells me that it failed to create Plug-In GUI and to see the log for details. There’s a temporary solution to the problem; edit the plug-in using the *Instr. Automation DSP. It’s a bit time consuming to figure out the correct percentage values though. The plug-in works in garageband.

I’ll probably check with YMCK to see if the problem is on his end, but I just wanted to let you guys know that this still is a thing. =[

A useless “me too” too. Just downloaded 0.4 from the YMCK website and if fails to “create the plugin GUI”.