Run a single plugin on a sandbox

I use 64bit Renoise 3 on OSX and recently installed a 64bit version of magical8bitPlug. The problem is there is an error rendering the GUI of this plugin, but if I run it on sandbox mode it has no issues. The problem is I do not want to run all plugins on sandbox mode, just that one. Maybe I just can not find the option. Is there a way to run a non-bridged plugin into a sandbox without having to run all plugins on a sandbox?

At the moment, it’s not possible to enable/disable sandboxing at the individual plugin level.

Theoretically, I suppose we could add a flag for this to each plugin’s compatibility options, but this is not really what the sandboxing was designed for in the first place. If the plugin is not rendering its GUI correctly one way or the other, it’s obviously better to try and fix that problem at the source instead. We’ll have to test the plugin a bit to see if it’s their problem or ours.

Out of curiosity, could you upload a screenshot of the broken GUI?

Thank you dblue. It shows just a renoise modal window with the message: “Failed to create the plugin GUI. See the log for details”. And the log says:

18-11-14 8:52:30,629 Renoise[57007]: NIAUCocoaApplicationEvents: unregistration (0x618000a020a0)

I think it could be of use thinking about it as a test mode. Sure considering the amount of work needed to implement this in a future version is worth while

There’s still no way to run a single plugin in a sandbox?