"owned" Serie

Click only if don’t feel offended:

(it’s nothin personal :P)

Haha, you guys rule sometimes… :D

Disqualified pictures for being OT/meaningless

Vvoois: Picture n. 5
IT-Alien: (post 2) - Pic 1 - 4
Sagosen: Pic 2

Special “I can’t tell shivers of horror from laughters Award” to Vvoois for pictures n. 2 - 3. and the amazing amount of bad taste they require to be posted on any forum.

Critique taken, was unsure wether or not to add in the first place, I just thought it was… Disturbing… That’s all. :)

I’m sorry i posted the links, but they unfortunately just exists and because no real animals / humans were hurt (don’t know for the cat though) i don’t mind.
It would be something different if the images were real.
That i can laugh about the idea doesn’t mean i automatically support it. (I even didn’t invented it, but can if i have to)
It’s just there are enough people having the guts to show what a lot of people think but don’t say.

As for the disqualifications before stated:I thought this was the off-topic (which can be meaningless) section…

you don’t own the owned concept, so you can’t disqualify me :P

by any means:

Damn, you realized… ohh well… I guess it was worth a try :)

VVoois your post sounds like a mistery to me.

:huh: ?? I don’t get it.
As if we say “since there is a link to it… I’m free to post it on public forums” ?
Look, there is a good number of “existing” links leading to children’s pornography… movies depicting tortures and death into detail… and countless of other nameless stuff… and they “just exist” pretty much like the links you talking about. Feel like sharing a couple of em because “they exist”?

I see you still have to get a grip over the word “meaning”… according to any dictionary: “the message that is intended or expressed” So this whole “if it is not a picture then I don’t mind” doesn’t make much sense to me.
Millions of humans were actually more than “hurt” during centuries of slavery. Killed, tortured, humiliated, raped… and “Sold”.
Can you dig the meaning of the phrase “being sold”?
This is the main reason for the United States of America being the richest of all countries. Now… I don’t know how the whole story made it to your ears… all in all you’re dutch, like the first slave -sellers- in history…

Weird that you feel like you have to explain this, uhn?
I guess it all comes down “what” you laghing about.
I know “jokes” about almost every disturbing topic including jews, nazism, black people, homosexuals, priests… but can I post images (both real or illustrated) from nazis lagers showing pits with thousands of decomposing cadavers beneath the boot of a smiling nazi officer… and write “owned” on it?
Is this “fun”? Are you sure?

I don’t think I get the meaning of your words here.

  1. what you mean by “It’s just there are”?
  2. What is it that “a lot of people think” but don’t say?
  3. Who is this “lot of people”?
    I don’t know if I get this right… but seems like you’re claiming that “a lot of people” thinks that “it’s fun to see black people enslaved and humiliated by white people” but they don’t want to openly admit it…
    If that’s right… then I think this is probably true in your family, maybe among -your- friends… something you can say “a lot of people” for… but I grant you it’s not true with me… and I’m VERY curious to find out if this is true with other Renoisers here.

I have a sarcastic kind of humor. I was not born with it, but had a few situations in life that were not funny either.
I could decide either to drag myself down with it, or just whipe it away and laugh about it, but this also means that i can laugh about anything else too.
Even the more painfull situations and history, and i mean history.
(Something that does not supposed to repeat itself if humanity learned something from the cruelties. )

It’s not only my own kind of self-therapy, it’s also my freedom of speech, freedom to like or dislike ideas.

Two very well known people in the Netherlands that used their freedom of speech, got killed for it.
Though everyone has the right to argument against ideas, nobody has the right to take anyones life for having ideas.

Since i have no argument (and don’t want to look for any argument either) against yours:
I show my respect by putting the offending images to the background.

Still: It’s the off-topic section and it’s named “owned series” and I just dropped in whatever made me laugh. It does not resemble me or anything within my personality, so frankly i don’t care what people think about me for it.

With a lot of people i mean:there are a lot of people that find the same amusement by imagining themselves such situations as i posted links from, but they just keep it for themselves.

And there are lots of people like me that don’t care and broadcast it.
Then there are people that not only find it funny, they are very serious behind the thought. (this is across my border)

could you please go back on thread’s topic and keep on posting stupid owned pictures? :)

Here’s one to make your kids stop whining for presents at christmas…

Okay, sorry… (couldn’t hold myself)

Now some milder ones…:

No… look mate, I know what you mean.
My life was ENTIRELY not funny, starting from my childhood. So much that I still wonder how comes I didn’t developed into some sort of psycho or criminal. I had more than a slice of hard times too. I developed what you would call a “sarcastic” kind of humor too… and very often I’m said to be somehow cynic and cruel. So what?

I could understand this if you had put on display the picture about Santa instead of the one about slavery… and only if I had come to you all afraid for being so cynical about Santa. Then your words could make sense…
Now, what should one be “awaken from” during the vision of a “fake” pic of a down-syndrome being crashed by a car… ?
What is the “moral” barrier that your therapy is trying to break with the slavery-related picture?
I think I would appreciate to actually see the kind of therapy you’re talking about… only I saw no traces of it in your posted images.

Plus I don’t understand why you throw in this stuff about freedom of speech. I don’t perceive this right of your as being ignored.
You were free to post the images… and I was free of commenting you the images. Nowhere I asked for the images being removed… and if you removed them because you realized there is not much of a meaning behind them: -fine-… but if you removed the images just because “someone complained” then I’m wasting my time.

I see you still dodge the point by saying “such situation as I posted” etc…
As far as I see you still claiming that you think that a lot of people find amusement in visualizing scenes regarding one who inflicts pain to another…one who humiliates another… or some sort of sadistic attitude.
Well… I insist. This might be true for you, under your perception, from your point of view, in your cultural environment. I would complete the statement to “a lot of people I know”. Not that I never knew such people… I just dont list myself among they…and I definitely don’t think they are “a lot”… and being used to psychology and having spoken to the number of people I spoken to, I know what I mean.

Cheers to the mighty ownage you posted lately :yeah:

LOL+LOL+LOL!!! :panic:

please explain me the just one thing:
the concept
why word “owned” used here on pix ?
why “owned” exactly ? Why own them ? Or what…
Sorry 4 buggin’ this nice topic B)

Then you just understood my point very correct.
And the tend of posting the images was not to hurt someone’s feelings or to offend anyone else i would have commented the post with something else but “it’s nothing personal”

I guess it’s something similar to the tag priceless

(Which are also very welcome in this thread.)

lol man, thats nasty!

as far as i know, the word “owned” is usually being used by online pc gamers as a substitute for “to beat somebody” or “to win” in a very clear and definate way.
the word “pwned” developed, because most of these individuals aren’t able to type fast without hitting the wrong keys (the “p” is usually right next to the “o” on a standard keyboard). ;)

Literally: said about something “having an owner”
Owner is “a person who owns something”
and finally we have “ownership” as “the relation of an owner to the thing possessed / the act of possessing”
As a statement “I own you / I owned you” stands for “You are my property since I can do with you whatever I like”… and it means pretty much “I made it pretty clear that I’m the boss in the field of this certain activity and you just can’t deal with the situation”.
The reverse concept “Owned” is said about someone who’s been somehow humiliated by someone else intelligence or skill, subjugated under someone’s strenght, being put at shame by an unpredictable and sarcastic natural force… or simply compelled to silence by obvious circumstances.

Note: There is also a secundary “sexual” implication where “to own” is used pretty much like “to pervade” or to physically get inside someone.