Packing A New Xml File Back Into Xrns Format

I’ve successfully generated a new xml file using python. but when I zip it back up and rename it, I get “unsupported file type”.

I’m using winrar 3.71 to zip with. Is there a problem with this zip tool, or a better one to use?

Is this indicative of a bad xml file, or incompatible compression?

Thanks for the help!

It depends.
Be sure not to compress it to the smallest possible (and incompatible) level.

Also be sure all files are in their respective places (the xml files in the root and the samples and instrument in their respective folders)

And be sure that the version of the XML you use, matches to the parameters that belong to it.
e.g. If you ever defined an XML header from Renoise 1.8, but added support for newer parameters, you get problems or vice versa:you updated the header but still generate old parameter contents.


You could probably “shell execute” it via python, no?

The compression level should not be a problem, but make sure that you do no add another folder into the zip file, aka do not zip the extracted folder, but zip the contents of the extracted folder.
The Song.xml file and Samples folder must be at the !root! at the zip, not within another folder.

Thanks guys.

I did get it loaded with mostly expected results.

One little issue… I’m missing a few of my new patterns… I’m going to scour the forum and see if it has been posted about already. Guessing there is a pattern count variable that I’m missing somewhere.

I am so in love with renoise. Doing this stuff in any other sequencer is simply not possible.

Thanks! That was it.

Now for the fun part!

I’ve gotten a rendered song to load properly, but after changing a few things around, I’m getting incompatible file again.

Is there any way to get a log file of the song loading process, or any debugging information so I can see where its choking?

The schemas might help you to validate your xmls.

hmm… I’m seeing valid…

Interestingly, the file with the poorly formatted tempo changes (as int) loads properly, but the one with hex characters does not.

very curious…

You may send it over to me (taktik@renoise…), then I’ll debug it for you and try to make such errors more verbose in future upgrades.