Panning law in Renoise

So I completely was wrong all the years, since I though Renoise is using as panning law +6dB. But it seems to be +3dB instead. I would be curious, if you can switch it to +6dB internally already?

I think +6dB might be interesting for mixing, because it stays constant loud in mono. Also seems that Bitwig pan law is louder than 3dB.

Maybe you are the person who will make a simple doofer preset for this?

Rotary 1: pan %
Rotary 2: panning law dB

If the standard hydra curves don’t cut it, a formula device should easily handle it. It’s just a matter of controlling/compensating with a gainer, no?

That wasn’t my concern, I already did that long ago, but I would like to simply switch the renoise engine to another law and listen how that sounds with the songs. Means a single switch for all gainer, pre post mixer, delay fx, all internal fx.

Maybe would make a nice song setting.

Today I learned about

The article talks about rooms but I don’t see any mention of headphones.

Anecdotally, I personally find hard-panned, loud sounds in headphones unpleasant.

Sure, I don’t like hardpanned neither, only if you use a slap back delay on the opposite side. Then it can sound like a rotated room. But a mix might sound more wide overall, if you would “simply” switch all the dsp from 3dB to 4.5dB. At least this is my theory. :smile: