Paradox And His Octamed V3

He was here in DC last night performing live. I’ve never seen anyone using a tracker live, and that was really neat!

Anyone using renoise live here? What’s your set up?



the other evening before i posted above i devised a way to use renoise in a live situation, using the pattern list as the main control of operations. depending on the level of intricacy & amount of changes, it is favorable to use something prewritten. tho live mouse musicians are boring as ell.
if renoise had the ability to load pre-written tracks & or patterns it would increase this usage ten fold.
using the LFO meta device to control filters and native renoise effects.

i think that renoise, as sequencers in general are not for live performance… ;) i cant see the point of doing something live with such programs other that making some music making tutorial/presentation for curious audiance :)

if you wanna play live then use just your keyboard! :P

edit: every electronic “live” stuff that i have seen have been total crap… :)

actually i cant understant how is that you use tracker or other sequencer in live? :unsure: i cant quite imagin that… can somebody explain? :)


of course there isn’t the same natural flow as spinning records or even using Tracktor or Live. But it was cool to see the Paradox with an amiga (I think), a mixer, a keyboard and a bunch of diskettes :rolleyes: doing his thing right there in front of us.

Doesn’t Enduser use Renoise live?

Tracker type thing is pretty good for playing live if used for the beats. You can bring in and out different patterns and add any mashing effcts in real time as you are playing, extending or cutting short any part to go with the crowd.

Trackers, imo, are a good tool for live beats.

ok, i can understand the effect parameter tweaking but the beats have to be premade?

Yeah but you can make 100 different rythms in a few patterns (or one pattern and lots of tracks) and chop and change as you feel fit.

Could do with keyboard shortcuts for muting tracks though, and instant access to a particular pattern.

It indeed depends on what you do with it. When we play live, we are mixing and editing, creating patterns in realtime (with two computers, and a hand full of premade patterns).

Thats also why I dont understand how people can make music with pattern follow mode on.

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How do you turn pattern follow mode off? I didn’t know it was possible.

press scroll lock ;)

yeah, but still i think i have to see it to actually get it how is that possible to play/compose music live with tracker… and get good results :)

Well. I was watching the Techno-Project RMB live. That was awesome.

he does if he knows whats good for him!

As been discussed before the arranger will do so nicely in live sessions, beeing able to adjust and edit the song as you go along, looping sections and tweaking your instruments with an external midi controller(like x-session). So taktik finish that arranger soon!

please. :D

Thats all already possible. You wont need an arranger for this.

maybe its just that electronic live stuff that i have seen have been some boring house beat with knob tweaking… and im not into house music :)

I believe paradox uses an Amiga 1200 judging by some of the pictures on his site.

Good drum 'n bass by the way. Some of the songs on the site sound circa 1997-1999, but I enjoyed it seeing most of the latest drum 'n bass has evolved into something much different…


Yep, dnb now is like trance at 174 bpm. Mostly pure crap. I’ve stopped producing and listening to dnb for almost a year now. I’m gradually coming back, as inspirations is also coming back, but I’m very disappointed to realize that not much has changed.

Enduser and Venetian kind of sound is more of my thing right now.

Ditto. Well almost. I pretty much gave up with most dnb/jungle around 98/99 and moved onto nu school for a few years, before fully discovering the likes of End, Snares, Bong ra and a lot of the breakcore and a lot of stuff that goes back to the real jungle breaks. It has relight the fire for the jungle breaks in my blood :D