[Partly Done 2.8] Just A Thought For The Master Spectrum View

So basically my idea is that there would be the option to view the master spectrum as colour-coded elements from the individual tracks. This would potentially make mixing easier as you can instantly see which frequencies are being used by which sounds. It also gives a bit more meaning to having the new track colours.

Obviously there would be some sort of switch or maybe a completely new tab for this (which i haven’t included in the mock). Hope you like :)

Owyeah, big ass +1! :D

Excellent request, fully support it. :)

nice :) +1

yes this i would love to see,just like a full-blown spectrum analyzer :dribble:

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+1, might even make me use that tab ;) …but hope the fft calculations over multiple tracks won’t crackdown the system.


a BIG before christmas BUMP :D

Great suggestion, very usefull, no more muting tracks.
but the overall analyser like we know now must stay present also.
Click to change view.

so nice!

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very helpfull !


That is a Novel Idea!


That’s actually a really good idea… though I should point out, it might take quite a few more CPU cycles to display

You can perform a quick test that should give you a very rough idea. Create a new song. Load up some kind of sample that can be looped for a few moments without driving yourself insane (or simply turn your volume down). Switch to the Disk Browser view. Press and hold down a note so that the sample is playing constantly. Wait until Renoise’s CPU meter has evened out and remains more or less fixed on a certain value. That’s your baseline value. Now switch to the master spectrum view and do the same to measure the CPU usage there. The difference between those two measurements is roughly how much CPU time the master spectrum view requires. Now you can multiply that by the number of active tracks in your song, and maybe that’s something close to how intensive it would be?


very usefull !

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Top suggestion Ortac
Just getting to grips with frequency theory at the mo
This would be a great addition
Like the colour coded aspect for quick analysis


+1 - Thanks for posting this! I searched the Renoise forum to find exactly this.

Perhaps a suggestion in addition to this neat idea. I’m just getting into visual frequency balancing in my tracks because my ears, for any number of annoying reasons, start playing tricks on me after a while… and so does my noisy house. I’ll admit that I’m not quite sure what I want, but with the way it’s currently set up I think perhaps at least some peak memory would be useful too, or maybe just a freeze functionality? What I know I do want is a way of comparing multiple sounds in ways that I can get a numeric readout of the frequency content, and chasing a bouncing line graph with my mouse is a little bit… too much fun? :) Then maybe the next step would be situating things in such a way that you can see the spectrum while previewing samples in the Disk Browser? That would help during my design process, making it so that I can easily pick samples that are good starting points and will work into a balanced mix at the same time.

Yes plz. +1