[Partly Done 2.8] Just A Thought For The Master Spectrum View

I really like this idea. It might make me start using the scopes.

On second thought, does it actually make sense to look at a spectrum view this way? Isn’t the sum of the parts the important thing to be analyzed?

I can see use for this to evaluate what track is represented where in the spectrum, but if you have +8 tracks in a song like most of us probably have than it can get messy with all those overlapping colors.

Would be nice to hear from the devs if this suggestion is realizable cpu-wize and makes sensel?

I know one thing that might make sense is a peak freezer that freezes the peak-frame measured (perhaps with sequence, pattern and row position)

For me the use of this would be mixing bass drum with bass as an example. You simply solo these two tracks and you have instant frequency reference, ready coloured for you. Gliss EQ can do this with up to 4 coloured bands but takes a bit of set up first.

There are other features that would improve the spectrum view further but this is a step in the right direction IMO.

I also see this feature is requested as an option so could be switched off when desired.

Would be a great addition for sure and i’d also like a small phase meter implemented. Then i won’t need any 3rd party plugins for this task anymore.

plus one

Thanks for the feedback everyone :)
Yes it did occur to me that this may be a bit of a CPU eater, perhaps it would be possible to set a limit to the number of tracks in that it would display. This could be set up in preferences.
OR… beside the spectrum area could be some drop-down boxes where you could select which tracks you want to view - mock up may follow, but right now, work is beckoning :(
I don’t think that it would be a lot of use with more than about 4 tracks anyway, so a limit wouldn’t really hinder things much.

The look of this thing would need to be a bit bolder than the current master spectrum, you can clearly see in my simple bit of photoshoppery that it all gets messy quickly. Will have to experiment with things and see how it looks best.

+1 great idea :)


Well if the colours follow the colour of the track, which is 100% user-definable, then colour-blind people can set it to colours they can distinguish between innit ;)

What about them?

What??? I was the one who started this topic in the first place! Do you think I would have posted the idea if I was?.

And anyway, what I mean when I say “what about them” is… How can you offend colourblind people with ‘a picture that has colours in it’.
Does this mean that Renoise is offensive to deaf people?

+1 Great idea! Instead of use dedicated plugin.

how about a braile master spectrum??

colorblindness can be accomodated for… Renoise has theming so, no issue, right? (besides dumb jokes ofc)

CPU power keeps increasing, so if this feature is too CPU hungry atm… who knows, in 3/5 years it could be piece of cake.
Or draw the spectrum hardware accelerated ( OpenGL? )maybe, my GPU is half asleep while music making ;)

For the topicidea: +1

This is an awesome idea. I want this very badly.

Also, fun fact: Most “colorblind” people can differentiate between colors. They just don’t always see the same colors we do, or certain colors appear strange or agitate them.

Not true. Most colourblind people only have two type of cones in their eyes and thus can’t differentiate between red and green (most common.) There is no way in the world to tell if people see colours the same as you do! How can you possibly know if my perception of the greenness of grass is the same as yours? Perception of colours are qualia.

+1 as long as we have the option to turn it on or off

+1 for sure.

+1, great idea.