Pattern editor improvements, inc/Dec vals easily

Regarding the two new shortcuts in my shortcut collection tool here,
I would like to suggest to you two features for the next major renoise update:

  1. Dragging notes in subline steps

If you select some notes, hold down a modifier and then move it up or down, you see the delay values of the notes increasing/decreasing while moving. If delay/line boundaries reached (delay 00 or FF), the note jumps to prev/next line. Just like in the shortcut above. This supporting selections over multiple note columns and tracks.

  1. Increasing / decreasing any value under cursor using mouse wheel

If you move the cursor on a fx column, let’s say volume, you hold down a modifier and then can use the mouse wheel to increase/decrease the value under the cursor. Just like in the shortcut.

Thanks for considering.

I haven’t checked out the tool, but it sounds like an interesting idea.

However, in many situations, the command accept two values - and it wouldn’t really be clear to me if such a feature should pick one or the other?
For example, tremolo is using x for speed, y for depth. Even with the granular selections in Renoise 3.1, we can’t focus one or the other exclusively.

What would you expect in such a situation? Is this something your tool deals with, somehow?

No, so far, the shortcut in the tool does not deal with any special cases in the effect column. No idea how to do with such commands without breaking the simplicity. Maybe I should add an effect type exclusion list.

ah, danoise, the tool/shortcut can increase / decrease any column, notes, volumes, fx and delay.

Here in my feature suggestion, I only wanted to target the delay column…

Err, nevermind.

no 2 sounds good to me