Pattern Editor Question

Why is it that some of my patterns in the pattern editor have little upward arrows in the top-left corner of the pattern icon, and some do not? These patterns seem to be behaving like aliases because the modulation in one is duplicated in another. But they do not have a number in them which would indicate that it is an alias.

I’m sorry if this is an obvious question, but the user manual doesn’t seem to have enything about it.

I sincerely appreciate the help,

Dougie Jones

That means some form of automation is in that pattern, like volume level change, or filter changes, or pitch bend, etc.

Oh, thank you for responding.! Sorry for the dumb question.

No problem - not a dumb question. Renoise is a very complex music programming environment, with lots of little things that are all explained, but we all have to reference the forums and manual countless times. There is A LOT going on in this application! Been using this for 3 - 4 years, still have to reference all this info, and still learning new stuff.

Renoise is really great. The more I learn about it the more fluid it becomes to do what I want to do with it. I’m really happy with it.

Renoise can do a lot of really interesting things with audio, and there’s some people making really neat ‘native’ tools for it - one I can highly recommend is the SMC Tool by @Raul here

I really like abstract ‘glitch’ music. Most people think of that rhythmic ‘dancey shakey boom boom’ or drill 'n bass kind of glitch, but I’m talking about the ambient/exploratory field of that technique. It does BOTH. With a little bit of time to learn ‘how’ to use the tool, it’s just amazing what you can coax of of it and Renoise together. Very much in the lowercase/glitch/ambient arena. You can even make pads using the comb filters (and regular filters) by tuning them, and running a sample of white noise through them. Again, not the typical stuff, but more exploratory.

Outside of a few missing effects (granular, mainly) and the ability to automate the sample ‘start’ position by envelope/LFO, Renoise is made for so much more than the typical types of music.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll look into the SMC tool. I’m glad to know that Renoise can do ambient as I like that kind of music too.