Pattern Font replacements

hi folks,

did some changes to the Renoise V 3 pattern fonts and created new ones too.

maybe you find one that’s worth to use … :slight_smile:

6700 pattern_fonts.png


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I prefer the new big one with danoise’s grany day theme … :slight_smile:

6701 Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-11 um 18.03.59.png

Btw. if you are looking for a nice simple bitmap font editor … Fony is a nice choice and for free!

I prefer the new big one with danoise’s grany day theme …

Heh, I would never have done a font which mixed thin/thick styles. But it really looksfine.

Perhaps you could even go monochrome (prefs > gui > syntax highlighting),since you don’t mix up 0 and O with this font?

I will probably not use it myself, considering i’m more than 10 years into Renoise and still on the default theme, but it definately looks cool though! :slight_smile:

I already did such a thin thick separation in version 2.x for myself. I like it becauce the pattern is just better to read (the notes are maybe the most important thing in the pattern).

The other improvment (imho) is the elimination of the “-” between the note and the octave value. it’s redundant for me. less is more. :wink:

It could even look better if the hex-value letters A to F would be seperated from the fx-command letters, but I think that’s a bit harder to implement for the coders - but not impossible. something like a syntax check in editors for coders is needed. :slight_smile:

Your normal sized font is beautiful imo. A subtle improvement to the native one. Def using it from now on!

Larger fonts! My old man eyes thank you. zang.

:slight_smile: Hopefully we got a free scalable font in the pattern editor in an upcoming version. It is high time for this.

For anyone that misses the much easier to see fonts pre 3.1, I found the perfect matches in .ttf (scalable). Using the old .fon files from archived releases no longer seems viable as screens are too hi-dpi now and the results are too small.

PatternConfig.xml (634 Bytes)

how do i install these? i can’t figure out where the font file is supposed to go.

geez! it’s not even in /Library/Application Support/Renoise where it wouldn’t get overwritten everytime you install a new app version. Instead, it’s baked directly onto the .app itself.
Now I need to fool around with symbolic links to get the stuff working properly, and then remember to run it everytime before. either that, or have a symbolic link to the PatternConfig.xml and sort out the fonts from there.
I don’t know why this needs to be built in such a convoluted way that it’s all stuck inside the app file?

Would be cool if Renoise was completely skinnable including fonts and images and padding and maybe even excluding various features/buttons. Imagine the skins you could make :heart_eyes:


That would indeed be dope. It’s skinnable with custom textures. See here: More GUI Textures (Please), but they get all warped in different views. Would at least be great if this got sorted out in a more user friendly way

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