Pattern Matrix Focus Behaviour Change

It seems that there is a difference in how the matrix takes keyboard focus between 2.7 and 2.8. In 2.7, single-clicking in the matrix moves the edit cursor to the selected track, but does not set keyboard focus to the matrix. In 2.8, single-clicking in the matrix moves the edit cursor and also sets keyboard focus to the matrix.

I recall there some discussions about the focus behaviour in previous versions - is this an intentional change to address those concerns, or just an accident?

Yeah this is (pretty much) back to what it was in 2.6 when the Matrix was first introduced.

There were complaints as it is the only area in Renoise that will take focus from Pattern Editor is you have Lock Focus On.

But it was oft debated whether the change was an improvement or a step backwards and nobody seemed to quite agree. Was a little surprised to see it go back to the old method myself but sure I can get used to it…

Some modifier key and mouse combo functions have been added to the PM in respect of Alias and clone controls.
(alt-click has a different function now)

Hey everyone! (first post here)

Just downloaded 2.8 and noticed this, so i thought i’d bump the subject. Is this desired behaviour or not? IMO it seems very strange to have a “lock keyboard focus” option that doesn’t lock keyboard focus…

However, one could argue that the pattern matrix is just a sub-panel of the pattern editor, like the Advanced Edit panel on the right-hand side.

I don’t have any strong feelings for one behaviour or the other, but I noticed today that clicking once on a matrix slot and hitting Ctrl-X to remove it felt quite natural, and similar to how other applications behave. I suspect that clearly indicating where the focus is is more useful than the locking.

^ for this discussion to open again you really need to read the old one first:

I love the new way.

Whatever I said before, I was wrong.

Phew, now i’ve read it all. This seems to be an old can of worms, and it seems fairly probable that the change is intended, although it would still be nice to hear it from the devs.

Wouldn’t something being a sub-panel of something else mean that they share focus? I don’t think i really get what you’re trying to say… However, seeing how much this has already been debated, I’ll certainly not argue with the fact that different users have different preferences about this particular feature. It hasn’t been an issue for me so far, but with the introduction of aliases, the PM suddenly seems so much more interesting…

I mean that the “Lock keyboard focus” applies to changing focus between panels, such as the instrument list and the pattern editor. If the pattern matrix is considered “part of” the pattern editor, then changing focus with a single click might not be considered a violation of the lock, just as is isn’t when you single-click on a different channel to move the focus there.

I agree; I think my recent feeling that the current behaviour is more intuitive might be related to the greater interactivity with the pattern matrix.

Perhaps improving the visual feedback might make the focus policy less controversial. The little corner highlights are almost invisible when you are staring at something in the middle of the screen, but if there was a slight dimming/brightening effect or a subtle background colour change (themeable of course) it might be more noticeable.