Pattern Navigation With Arrows


Arrow down in the pattern editor doesn’t seem respect the ‘Editstep Value’.
I don’t know if it’s a bug or a missing feature(it sure feels like a missing feature).

This could be a usefull!

Let’s say one has BPM set to 125 and speed at 6 and Editstep is set to 1.
Entering notes is pretty sweet.

00 C-3  
01 --- (Arrow Down)  
02 C-4  
03 --- (Arrow down)  
04 C-3  

This looks pretty normal right?
Now let’s keep the BPM at 125 and set the speed to 3 and Editstep to 2 to try and keep the same tempo as above with one extra step between the lines).

00 C-3  
01 ---  
02 --- (Arrow down)  
03 C-4  
04 ---  
05 --- (Arrow down)  
06 C-3  

Above is way messed up.
Pressing arrow down twice makes one loose the ‘flow’, no step seuquencer works like that!
A ‘rest’(in this case arrow down) should respect the note lenght wich in this case can be translated to the edit step value.

Now if Arrow down respected the Edit Step value it would have looked like this.

00 C-3  
01 ---  
02 --- (Arrow down)  
03 ---  
04 C-4  
05 ---  
06 --- (Arrow down)  
07 ---  
08 C-3  

That’s more like it.

One timeconsuming workaround is to use editstep 1 and then ‘expand’ the notes.
Arrow up doesn’t have to respect edit step since it’s pretty unusual to record backwards right?

Don’t know if the above makes any sense but at least i tried…

Try Shift+Ctrl+Arrows :)

At least this is how it is in Renoise v1.5

Goto config and change your hotkeys (Next/Prev Row With Edit Step) if you want this to be default on your arrow keys.


You make very much sense, and I totally agree with you. :)
However there will be people who doesn’t, I know that. I think that arrow up would have to follow the editstep setting too, would make the navigating much more logical.

e: So how about making sift+ctrl shortcut for always moving ones step at time, and make the “follow edit step when moving” default.


Thanks for the tip!.

It’s a bit hard to find stuff in renoise when it comes to binding keys, i mean we have a small box with 6 rows of text dscribing functions and a popup list and no fricking clue on what they do ;)

I’d like to see an option to see what function a key is assigned to.
Today we see a function and a key.
No easy way to see what F12 or CTRL+ALT+F12 does.

To make it clearer it wouldn’t hurt to have 2 ways to configure the keyboard.

#1 Pick a key(Keyboard or Midi-Key) and assign to a function.
#2 Pick a function and assign a key(Keyboard or Midi-Key).

Easiest fix would be to make the the box with funtions into a 2 column thing.
Where one column shows the function and the other shows the key.
To Change key/funktion/key it would just be a matter of doubleklicking in the column where the key/function/key one needs to change is.

For a renoise beginner like me it makes it a living hell to look up what the keys do,
i have to go by trial’n’error.

Keyboardfocus has already been discussed and i bet that’ll come.(Using the same keys in different areas of the program).

I am thinking about buying Renoise. Yes it is awesome :)

In the past I used the Amiga with FT2 and it was good to tap out beats using the method above. I can not seem to use Renoise in the same liquid smooth way. The down arrow stepping REALLY needs to use the same stepping as the input method. If this is already possible I apologise. Can someone help me out here? Thanks!

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Read the first reply to this thread by Psyj.

Personally I think having the arrows following Edit Step would just be weird! Have to change it all the time to do offbeats whereas the problem in the first post would be easily solved by using an edit step of twice the value.

You want to have the line played when you go do the amount of steps i reckon.
Natively this isn’t supported yet, with scripting this deal can be sealed however.

This script does something that way, it is very buggy and not the complete idea, but it is a quicky before i’m going to bed.
If someone eager to put his jaws in this to expand and refine, be my guest…
2154 com.vvoois.EditStepPlayer_Rns270_V1.xrnx

Yes, and yes. We urgently need Prefs->Keys->“More” mode, and “focus-on-current-keybind on-current-keybind-press”. This is shortcut/keybind 101 :)