Pattern-Playback On, Non-Follow-Record On, And Kbd Playing

hi, i’m wondering if maybe there’s a way to already choose for this functionality to be on/off in renoise 2.5, just that i don’t know about it, if it doesnt exist, then i gotta ask, could it?

replication method:

  1. pattern playback is on
  2. pattern playback follow is off
  3. recording is on.

if i now play notes with the pckeyboard, they don’t sound while they do input into the pattern.

can this be kept as a “silent” mode (the pattern-input with record on without pattern follow not shooting notes out) but also as a switch (in prefs or on keybind?) for play-mode, where one can be anywhere in the pattern during pattern playback, have record on, and have the sounds play when they are played in with the pckeyboard.

this is one of the only things that really grates on me anymore (apart from NNA not playing with pckbd-played-in notes on pattern follow OR without pattern follow…)
so i’d love to either be told that it’s already there, do this, or ,that it could be there…

hopefully yours

( some additional discussion about the feature at beginner’s questions: non-pattern-follow-record-playback-switch-toggle-question

so basically im asking for a tickbox / choice (in preferences, or as keybind) of “whether recorded in notes” play or don’t play. the stealth mode is probably great for live gigs, etc, but the “jam-mode” would be amazing to have.

a extra layer of mute ? so you can choose to either plays notes that are there or play them live yourself… perhaps you can use the mute function in the pattern matrix and maybe that doesn’t mute the instrument on that track… so you can still play it…, but ive gotta try if that works or not… either way, seems handy/fun function :]

well its just allowing the user to either have -non-follow-pattern -record-on notes play, or not play (as renoise doesn’t play them currently. renoise only plays notes that you play in while record is on, and pattern follow is on, or when record is off and pattern follow is on/off. renoise doesn’t play notes when record is on and pattern follow is off. if this could be switched on and off (even in preferences settings) it’d be absolutely smashing.

I allready suggested this …the answer was a nono
Can’t find the topic right now

naw gentleclockdivider… you wanted it changed, statically. you didn’t request a switch enabling it to happen and disabling it from happening. i still have great great hopes that this’ll occur.
the switch. not changing the whole functionality.

Thats what I meant …I don’t want changes for the good of one person/feature
A switch …momentary disabling enabling the current behaviour .
I need to express myself more clearly .

yep, this would be stupendous! +1 :)

Lets please keep this in mind for another Renoise release. I’m not really sure how note playback should behave exactly in such cases: what to do, how to play note offs, how and if polyphony is applied and so on. Where this option should be.

would a simple brute-switch currently result in hung notes (since you bring up the note off issue)?

Which is annoying as hell when using plugin or MIDI instruments.

i think some of us would be happy even if it just worked for samples, for that’s one that could be controlled, guaranteed. the decision how to handle plugins and midi-instruments is pretty much way too difficult to be scaled, how could it be done at all without it being clunky? but for those who use samples in addition to plugin + midi instruments, it’d be well lush to at least have access on a sample-based level to this mode.

“Some of us” obviously is you. But sorry, no half assed hacks now. Lets please take care of this some when later…

well, non-halfassed is of course the best solution, but it will require quite a lot of thinking, probably, to escape the hung notes.