Pattern Playlist

Hi to all, i using renoise from few days and its simple…fantastic :smiley: :smiley: more than other blasonate software :wink: i want ask, is the a “pattern playlist” view or something like that?
Thanx to all and sorry for my poor english, but i’m a pizza-boy hahahaha (italian) :smiley:

it depends on what you mean by “pattern playlist”…?

on the left of the application you have surely noticed that there is the list of all patterns which will be played in sequence, so could you explain what are you looking for exactly?

like the Pattern Playlist in Fruity Loops :smiley:

this is then probably what people here call Arranger. then it is not currently implemented as of Renoise 2.1

ah i understand. in future version will implemented? :smiley:

this feature has gained lot of attention amongst users, as you can see in the above linked thread, so it’s likely that it will be implemented in some way.