Pattern sequencer up/down arrows gone

Where have those arrows gone from pattern sequencer? I really miss them. Those were very important to my workflow. Is there a reason why they are gone?renoise2_win

Mmh, never noticed that until now, but apparently all scrollbars miss these! Weird…

Is there a reason why they are gone?

The closest thing to a reason I’ve seen is dblue’s reply in this thread: No Navigation Arrows in Sliders in 3.1?

Ok, thanks.
So it seems i just have to try to get used to it.

Would be neat, if even the scrollbars were disappearing, as soon as you have one of the fancy apple or other vendors touchpad or mouse connected to your mac (e.g. any macbook), so you use swipe gestures instead, just like it is normal in macos, too. Then only if you move the mouse pointer onto the right side of the view, the scrollbar appears. It would save some space.

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