Pattern Transition Loop

Can I loop the end of pattern “A” and the beginning of pattern “B”. This will let me fine tune the transition from “A” to “B”.

I know I can loop all of pattern A and B but it takes a while to jump around from ends to beginnings.

Can I loop the end of pattern “A” and the beginning of pattern “B”.

Short answer: No.

Long answer: [details=“Click to view contents”] Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. [/details]

Sorry :wink:

Just a real quick thought. A bit long winded, but can’t you temporarily make a ‘transition pattern’ around the two ‘split’ patterns with the new 3.1 inbuilt pattern split and join feature? Ctrl+Alt+K and Ctrl+Alt+J to split and join are the default keybindings. Once you’ve created your makeshift ‘transition pattern’ you can loop and tweak that. Then when you are done you can join it back. Not very good workflow at all I know :slight_smile:

4tey I like what you’re getting at. If this is not possible what are the best workarounds when you want to transition patterns?

Do you listen to the transition from A to B… then keyboard through all the way back up to the part in A where you want to start over again? Repeat. Repeat. ?? Is there a better way??

Now I want to listen from line 56 of Pattern 1 to say line 8 of pattern 2. To be honest Soundwave most of the time I don’t (but that’s just one reason why I’m rubbish at tracking :D) But for the sake of argument let’s say I did. Crude way, I’d navigate to line 56 and press Shift+Space to play from the cursor (rather than just hit the Space key to play from the top of the pattern.) Also I’d probably stop pattern scrolling with the Scroll-Lock key to try and hold the start position.

Another crude way is I’d use my simple quick tool that I wrote…err, somewhere in a topic on this forum… ah -> If you install that little tool ‘Start/Stop and Recall’ and map that to a key (I’ve got it mapped to my right shift key for example). Now I’d navigate to line 56, hit RShift, let Renoise play through as much as I want, then hit RShift again and the tool will stop the song and also try to return to the point in which I started the song automatically (in this case line 56 of pattern 1.) :slight_smile:

That works great. I first turn off scrolling with the scroll lock key on the keyboard. Then I place the cursor where I’d like to start my loop. Shift+Spacebar then begins playing from that position. Repeat this cycle as you edit your transition.