I haven’t been on the forums in awhile but this idea hit me and I wanted to share it.

Similiar to how Ableton Live has integrated with Max/MSP there could be a PD DSP allowing you to integrate you PD patches with Renoise. I think this could be a pretty amazing tool or next version idea.

sounds like a nice dream.

there is actually a libpd now though and i remember something about a pd vsti ages ago.

Also, if you want to use a midi loopback utility, you can integrate the two of them right now.

I wish PD had a rewire device, though.

Good idea! I was hoping someone would have a workaround. Still though, would love a standard feature. I think people would be really into that.

Doesn’t pd support osc? That would give quite tight integration with renoise.

pd is pretty cool for sending osc messages to renoise from within linux or windows. pdvst is still around and I have had some success with it, but you have to be careful to only use vanilla externals in your patches or when you try to use it with pdvst inside your host you will find its very tricky to get pdvst to find the externals, if it uses them at all.
for example, i created a very elaborate pd patch that generates lots of beeps and boops and lovely kick sounds with pd’s main program. and then being bored i decided to try and convert this to pdvst to use inside renoise. I didnt think it would be too much trouble as upon reading the readmes that come with pdvst its only a case of creating a text file with certain variables inside and placing the required files and folders in certain places. job done.did that and got renoise to detect the generated vsti. when I loaded the vst to my dismay, the knobs i used inside that pd patch are not useable with pdvst, and i even added all the externals I think I have installed to the setup file required by pdvst…IMHO stick with using pd outside of renoise, sync it using osc and midi and jackd (jack works quite well in windows now you know;-)) which is quite simple and you will be using an up to date pd with all the externals you can dream of.

Thanks, awesome reply! So informative.

I run mac and I already use jack so that’s out the way.

But I’m pretty new to the concept of osc. I’ve done some midi routing but would you be willing to discuss the finer points of osc routing between PD and Renoise? Before someone says it, I’ll do my homework and go read the manual bit on it.

pretty late here at the mo but il try and put something together tommorow
in the meantime heres some pd patches to send keypresses to renoise using osc.

umm this isn’t pd but using OSC messages are sent from renoise to Processing

thats pretty cool:-)

pdVST is built around a fairly old version of pd iirc. It also missed some useful VST features like a “get host tempo” object when I tried it last. It’s fine sending OSC to the standard pd though. If have the object that loads VSTs within pd you could use something like Wormhole to pipe the audio into Renoise if you want to have it all though the same mixer or the internal DSPs.