Peace Of Mind By PanosK

I have some trouble finishing this one but i will get there.This is what i have so far.Forgive me but i stole the drum loop from Renoise Community Song Collab V6Just could not resist:upside_down_face:, the entire song is masterpiece


I like it. I have some ideas for a remix. Could you send me the file?

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Soon i will but i need to make some adjustments first.I will send you a private message in a couple of days

Hello. My face is upside down. Why are you not just asking us? And why are you not making your file public like ours is so that we can… like… anyway, nevermind what happened, but it is a bit of a pity that you are so close to us and can not ask us.

The song needs more dynamical work, e.g. fades, lower volume passage…

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Sorry my bad apologies to everyone.I will take the song down if you like.I haven’t published it.

I don’t know about that. I don’t mind, personally, but there is others involved.

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