Peak Levels on Channels


It would be great to have peak level dB readouts on individual tracks/channels or maybe one on the upper VU meter. It would be a big help with gain staging and objective a/b comparisons for eq’ing, compressing etc.

At the moment it’s only possible to see the peak levels on master buss which is impractical to use when mixing and the only workaround seems to be using an external plugin like free-g on every channel which slightly reduces my Renoise quality of life (which is normally very high obviously) :D

Apologies if this has been suggested before, did a search but couldn’t find a similar thread.


Yes. This is something I miss too. Would be very useful indeed.

Peak/RMS + decibel level visual indicators would be nice. (0, -6, -12, -18, -24 etc.)

Maybe even a measurer in the gainer device so you can detect clipping at any point in the dsp chain

I second this. Options to show K scales would be nice too.

Yep, or basically copy the effects racks from Ableton which I’ll reiterate again and again and again.

I hate Ableton. I love Ableton effects racks, that is the only daw feature worth a shit from the last 10 years.


dreaming of d/w’ing compressors, screamfilters, filters, eqs, all native, in chain :). (actually the only problem for me right now with d/w’ing with send tracks is you can’t tweak the effects of/after the d/w branching while playing the keys at the same time…)

Bumping this. I love how Ableton shows peak levels across all tracks… click to reset the peak level of that track, or alt-click to reset peak level of all tracks.

It’s a super simple thing but I’m really missing it in Renoise.


EDIT: You’re not actually talking about this at all, i just realised lol

Yeah it seems.

Since you’ve bumped this though, I gotta say after 2 years I can eyeball the levels perfectly fine using the top meter :stuck_out_tongue: Still, a dB readout would be great of course.

Having peak db levels on each track, especially in the Mix View, would be awesome. I was just about to use the Mix View for that exact purpose and was stunned to find that it was not there. The reason I expected to find it is because the Master Device has “Peak L” and “Peak R” meters, so I assumed it was just a maximum of the peak levels from each channel (in the Mix View). Alas, it’s not. :frowning:

Ableton is even better now, with numeric readouts of peak levels and visual representation of peak + RMS on each channel