Per-song mute "presets"

something I find really annoying is to mute and unmute group of tracks while working on a song: it is tedious to wander around the pattern editor, muting and unmuting tracks and/or groups to test the sound of some instruments individually. Using the track scopes or pattern matrix does not make the task easier, also considering that those do not take groups in count.

the solution:
being able to create “mute presets”: associate a set of muted/unmuted tracks/groups to a shortcut. Something like a combination of modifiers and 0…9 keys would give the ability to create 10 mute presets, which I think would be enough

If BeatSlaughter’s Mixer Utilities was upgraded for 2.8, this would be perfect for what you suggest.
In that tool, favorites are saved per song, so you don’t force yourself to some overly generic workflow.

It’s a great tool, a sort of swiss army knife for mixing. But - it’s made for 2.7 (doesn’t really work in 2.8)
With a bit of effort, I believe the script could be made to work in 2.8, and support keyboard shortcuts as well.