Persistent "song-Independend" Midi Mappings ?

Hi there,

Problem: I want the same midi bindings/mappings no matter what song I open.
I know that it is possible to store the bindings into the template XRNS,
or alternatively in a XRNM Mapping import/export file

BUT: since I open a lot of songs from other people, I don’t want to re-import or re-map
the settings for every opened song.

If there would exist a LUA “midi bind-function”, at least I could create a tool which
loads my default setting for each song.

Any ideas ?

Attempts done so far don’t work out the same for everyone but cranking in midi preferences using scripts is being attempted…

Ok, this seems to be a possible way, but obviously it’s not pretty and much more painfull than a simple


Could we add this as a LUA feature request, maybe ?

A even better solution was IMO to introduce a default global XRNM file as equivalent to GlobalMidiActions.lua. That would be another feature request.

Anyway, I’ll check out the possibilities of merging/injecting XML-fragments into newly loaded songs (arrgh this will modify them) using renoise.tool().app_new_document_observable

- Invoked each time a new document (song) is created or loaded, aka each time  
-- the result of is changed. Also called when the script gets  
-- reloaded (only happens with the auto_reload debugging tools), in order  
-- to connect the new script instance to the already running document.  
 -> [renoise.Document.Observable object]  

Thank you for the hint !