Phrase Editor: Autoseek button remains enabled while being disabled in Keymap mode

(W10 x64, R3.1.1 & R3.2.0)

There seems to be a small error with the Autoseek button (switch), in the phrase editor, with the playback mode in Keymap:

  1. Create a native instrument.
  2. Inside the phrase editor, configure the playback mode of the instrument in “Keymap”.
  3. Create various phrases.
  4. Be sure to select a phrase that is not linked to the virtual piano.
  5. Problem: the Autoseek button remains “active”, when it should be inactive, like the rest of the controls. In fact, this button does not react when pressed (it is not possible to enable/disable).

This also happens in 3.2.0 and also in version 3.1.1…

It remains disabled and active here. He probably just forgot to set it to inactive.

(note the correction of terminology…)

Yes, do not confuse the “enabled or disabled” modes of the switch (or button) with the “active or inactive” state of the switch (or button).