Phrase sustain command (ZS00)

something which is missing in phrases is sustain: you cannot hold the playing of a phrase on a specific row until a note-off command is given, and in general you cannot exactly define what happens after note-off command.

here I propose a “simple” solution: a new phrase specific command, ZS00, which puts a “sustain marker” in the phrase pattern: the phrase advancing stops there until a note-off is played.

I cannot think of any other use of values other than 00, but if you have any idea, please tell it here


If you have sustain, you’d probably expect to be allowed a sustain loop as well – so:
ZS00 – sustain point / sustain loop end
ZS01 – sustain loop begin

So, keeping it more analogous to sample behaviour instead of (old) envelope behaviour. This implies e.g. the sustain loop never breaks mid-way and always smoothly connects with the release, just like sample loops.

Pay no attention to the following, and don’t think of blue skies.

And, like their sample brethren, it seems to naturally follow that phrases should fit under a Note-On Layer and a Note-Off Layer (so your phrase release doesn’t have to smoothly connect to your phrase sustain loop). And have a Keyzone Editor (got it) with velocity (don’t got it). And have phrases in phrases … with our newly existing probability effect Yx = recursive automatic song composition = one xrns per genre = end of the music industry as we know it!

Ahhh shit it’s 1AM and I have a job to go to in 6 hours…

see also Phrase block loop

Ah, I see you’ve got it all sorted :)