Phrases - question about changing between them

Hi guys,

I’ve been using renoise a lot more lately (and loving it madly!) but one thing I’m still trying to wrap my head around is the Phrases…

the main thing I don’t get is, when in Program mode, what is the primary method for switching between multiple phrases (for the same instrument)? If I want to trigger different phrases in the pattern editor, it seems cumbersome to have to go back to the phrase page and click on the little matrix in the bottom-right to select a different phrase, then go back to pattern editor and enter/record the new phrase…am i missing something about quickly switching between multiple phrases? And if the answer is to use the Keymap mode instead, then what is the point of the Program mode?

Or to put it more openly to the group, what is your preferred method for entering / triggering different phrases in the pattern editor?



I personally just use the Zxx command in the pattern editor to change phrases. Some people get fancy and use MIDI but I don’t have any MIDI devices.

Explains phrases a bit more (as well as MIDI stuff), Program mode is just to trigger 1 at a time essentially. Keymap is so you can map out multiple phrases to the keyboard (like split key mode on synths). But both modes function super differently, you have to mess with them to see as just reading about them may hide some of the subtle pros and cons of each mode.


Will be really helpful if you aren’t 100% familiar with effect commands (I know I still forget the majority lol)

Explains phrases a bit more (as well as MIDI stuff)

Zxx is my fav too, as it allows you to specify which phrase should play for any particular note. Maximum control!

(btw: it has been brought up that this page doesn’t mention the Zxx command, which it probably should :blush: )

Edit: well, I’ll have to check my reading glasses because it does.

But using program change is sometimes preferable. It’s basically doing the same as you do when you select a phrase manually:
the currently held notes will continue playing their current phrase, but any newly triggered ones will use the selected phrase.

So, as 4kb says, it really depends on what you want to achieve.

Some people get fancy and use MIDI but I don’t have any MIDI devices.

Just to clarify - a MIDI controller isn’t required to send a program change. The Instr.MIDI Control device can send these messages just fine.
Just set one of it’s parameters to use the “Prg”, that’s all there is to it.

And you can do additional things with the MIDI device, such as changing instrument scale and key on the fly:

the phrases can also be switched from the main pattern editor by viewing the instrument Properties in the middle of the disk browser.

this is good for quick preview without switching back to the pphrase-page.

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to finally change the phrase in the song, I use the Z-Command like the other posts mentoined above

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Awesome guys, this all helps a lot! I think the Zxx command will be the way to go for me, but I’ll play around with everything.