Effect Commands Cheat Sheet

(Achenar) #1

Here’s two new versions of the Effect Commands cheat sheet (16:9 and A4), updated for Renoise 3.1 and Redux. There’s two types of each, one for screen and another for printing.


3.1_effect-commands-a4-screen-tn.png 3.1_effect-commands-a4-print-tn.png

Phrases - question about changing between them
Main shortcuts pdf -someone?
Add section "panning cmds"+"volume cmds" to popup help

Very helpful. Thanks!

(Meef Chaloin) #3

Xxx wow, didn’t know that one.

Thanks for these.

(ghostwerk) #4

beautiful <3

(misk) #5

whee!! thanks!

(Bad Mind) #6

Awesome! Need to bust out the printer for this bad boy :drummer:

(midi error) #7


(midi error) #8

Im heavy in the Oxx Ixx game

I think the devices one needs an example

(Circe) #9

Usefull a lot !

Thank you very much.

(Dysnomia) #10

Very clear, thanks!

(Lethargik) #11

great work, looks nice

(anttimaatteri) #12

big thx for the work. and nice work on the clearly readable layout. a pleasure to see someone with an eye for a nice font^^.

(mechano8) #13

Thanks, I need all the help I can get with this stuff

(McLovin&#39;) #14

This is so helpful.

Is there a cheatsheet for keyboard shortcuts?

(danoise) #15

Is there a cheatsheet for keyboard shortcuts?

Not that I know of. But if your browser supports it you can view the full list of keyboard shortcuts by hitting the “print” button in the Renoise keyboard prefs.

(on my system, this works fine in Firefox)


Very nice. Thanks :slight_smile:

(lhaastdaiz) #17

Should Rx in volume/panning be Rx - retrigger every x ticks?

(Achenar) #18

Should Rx in volume/panning be Rx - retrigger every x ticks?

Indeed it should. I’ll change that for the updated version.

(misk) #19

would love a wallpaper version honestly! I tried cutting it up and making my own and it came out shit :stuck_out_tongue:

but this is still indispensable!

(thalamus) #20

A great help, as always Achenar. Thanks.