Piano Roll for renoise 4

Genuinely curious, why are you using Renoise when you seem to detest the core element of the interface? If it’s the case you can’t afford to get a new DAW Reaper is very cheap and the demo is effectively unlimited. I would even sell you my licence cheap as I never use Reaper. Serious offer.


Because i often use both imput methods pianoroll and trackerwindow. i often use trackerinput for triols, sixtols and some synthlines/drums. Most of Strings and Fills with harmonies and accords i prefer to input in Pianoroll. So why we should not have both abilitys? No one is forced to use input methods he not liked.

happy tracking

I agree with you that pianoroll can give way more overview and better usability. But this is only because the current trackerview is not like Aodix, so kind of a vertical pianoroll. IMHO instead adding a pianoroll then, the trackerview should be visually improved instead. Then it would be way more coherent. I don’t think that the standard pianoroll ever was a really good concept UX wise, it also lacks of vision and ideas.

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For a pianoroll i would prefer classic left to right concept. but for audiotracks i would prefer vertically samplegrafics with vertical helplines which can be move up/down to stretch/shrink/syncronite the audiotrackcontent with tracker notes. fairly similar to the sample slices, but much easier and more effective usable on audio record tracks. Parameter visualisation could be i vertical area on Trackcolumn similar to the FX hexfields. Only need to paint a little graphic in tracklines with a selected FX parameter or cursor on FX field and nothing when no FX is selected in FX Trackcolumn switches. maybe if i have time i will make a concept demo graphic for better visuality

A vertical, foldable column has my vote but…
For me it raises a questions for how some things will be displayed/presented:

There are commands, such as ZBxx that break and jump to a line in the next pattern. Combined with Yxx, if that is possible, it may be hard to present logically if a note spans this part? It might seem stupid, but if its possible someone will attempt it, either by mistake or by will.

When a “note on” is in pattern 1 and the “note off” is in pattern 3, how does pattern 2 look (if theyre sequenced as 1, 2, 3). Is the note extended if pattern 2 is extended (more lines added)? If it’s a chord and one of the note has its off in pattern 2, what happens then when pattern 2 is extended? When pattern 2 is moved?

This may of course already be solved by the plugins created?

I don’t dig all the hate for users requesting a Piano Roll. I understand it takes away from the tracker philosophy but at the end of the day people are just trying to make music the way it works for them and a Piano Roll would be a great addition to the amazing tools Renoise already provides. Other trackers have implemented them in the past. I just want to see the Renoise community grow! All love baby.


guys, if you had never seen a piano roll, you would definitely live easier. the concept of the tracker is precisely to avoid garbage in the interface, giving the user only working information. Piano roll is not very visual and when scaling it is just a set of not very clear stripes. when, as in a tracker, I orient myself so well that sometimes I can not look at the monitor. therefore, before you resent, it makes sense to figure it out otherwise you risk losing a lot of nerves.



for audiotracks i would prefer vertically samplegrafics with vertical helplines which can be move up/down to stretch/shrink/syncronite the audiotrackcontent with tracker notes

This might be the only thing I’m really missing, but as a whole I really enjoy using Renoise!


This community has become the probably most small-minded online community I am still attending. Only because someone doesn’t see a benefit for themselves, out of whatever reason that might be, they project that to the rest of the world. If you, in all honesty, do not see how a piano roll adds information that is additional to a tracker view, irrespective of whether you personally like that, then there is just no reasonable discussion to be had in the first place. I am out…


I think it’s time we started spamming the Ableton forums asking when they are going to implement a tracker view


i do it on Ardour forum all the time


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I don’t agree. There are loads of ideas to add to Renoise without a fundamental paradigm shift in terms of operation wasting resources.


I think this community is stubborn, inflexible and technology hostile toxic. A shame for the open minded attitude from the early Amiga times, where the tracking stuff has begun. These time was not dominated from paradigms in any way, but only for the sense of wonder of a new technology, her possibilitys, and the spirit to ease making computer music for the people. And when i look back to my old Amiga day’s, this fact makes me sad.

I can see many in this community, who act grimly and selfish, probably because the tenor of the developers is “there is time for nothing”. This may be so. But i feel sorry for you. You lost something on your way.

happy tracking

There are a lot of closed minded fools here, seriously?
You like using the tracker screen, tracker screen works fully, adding a piano roll has zero impact on tracker screen so STFU.
Work my way or leave is no argument at all.

Why is Renoise 4 beta keep popping up on social media etc recently?

it’s just an opinion and a habit. yet this is a forum for discussion, and not a parade of its greatness.

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I didn’t buy my Nintendo Switch and then go posting on forums that I can’t play Sega Saturn games on it. Similarly, you can’t buy Renoise and complain that a tracker doesn’t have piano roll. It is unfair to buy something knowing full well what it is and then complain that it isn’t something else. The issue here is your own expectation management, or specifically a lack thereof.

In my personal opinion, adding a piano roll and figuring out how to incorporate that alongside some of the more esoteric tracker commands would be a massive waste of limited resource. Perhaps Taktik will approach one of the tool developers to incorporate their work into Renoise proper, or perhaps not?

In my opinion, adding functionality to the sampler, such as perhaps granular playback, native wave table support, parallel fx containers in the track view and some updated native dsp such as a pitch shifter, frequency shifter, shimmer reverb etc. ad infinitum, would add more to Renoise than massive reverse engineering the code to work with a piano roll.

I don’t see why using Redux inside a traditional DAW doesn’t work for you?


Hold up. Is it even confirmed there will be a Renoise 4?

Renoise 4? I’ll be glad to see it, if and when it become a reality… I’m just waiting on 3.4, lol

Haven’t heard any official news about version number for the next release… Has anyone else?

^1000% this