Piano Roll for renoise 4

Hi, is it true that Renoise 4 will get a native piano roll?

Yes, but only the mac version, and it requires an M1 processor. [/irony_off]


Isn’t Renoise 4 like 6 years away


^ found the optimist :upside_down_face:


check out the piano roll studio New tool (3.3.2): Piano Roll Studio v1.0 build 264 (January 2022)

looks pretty dope, and available now, if that’s what you’re after

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I don’t follow much of the talk about a Piano Roll in Renoise, mostly because I think the Pattern Editor is superior, and also because I use GuttRoll (a guitar roll) and ChordGun (a chorder plugin) to fill that need in my own playing. And when I do want a piano interface, I have a $200 piano keyboard MIDI controller sitting right on my desk.

My question, though, is… what’s wrong with those input methods staying community-sourced plugins rather than a core feature? I for one don’t need it to be part of core (especially if it’ll add cost and complexity to the app as a whole). I’m very happy to offer donations to those enterprising dev/users who create something valuable to bolt onto Renoise and make it more useful in more types of playing scenarios.

I know that, at this point, it’s become a meme like “when are we getting piano roll?” but I want to voice support to @ulneiz for creating an awesome solution that does not bloat the main product. Throw the devs some cash for their hard work, and let’s reward more indie devs who want to extend Renoise in cool ways.

If I had the programming chops, I’d be figuring out how to make it a better tool for live looping, similar to the now-defunct ZenAudio ALK, but I’d be happy to buy a few coffees for anyone interested in bringing that kind of functionality to Renoise.


Will there be a Renoise 4 ? :open_mouth:

There is also a Simple Pianoroll: Simple Pianoroll: com.duftetools.SimplePianoroll.xrnx :wink:


Renoise 1.0.0: June 21st, 2002
Renoise 2.0.0: January 15th, 2009
Renoise 3.0.0: December 21th, 2013

7 years between 1 and 2, 4 years between 2 and 3.

9 years between 3 and 4? wishfull thinkin :wink:

Because the tools API changes with every Renoise update, those plugins will need maintenance and most likely will be abandoned pretty quickly. I mean, even plugins written by people from the Renoise concept/alpha testing team are abandoned after an update or two. Having functionality as a native feature assures that they will work in future versions.


Idiotic Developers! That’s all what i can say to this! I surely not buy a Mac for this. May Renoise go to hell!

LOL… But… isn’t Windows 11 quite shitty anyway and prevents serious work? Why not installing the original instead?

I think I bought in at v. 2.8 and am still going strong several years later for free. Best value in software, audio or otherwise.


I really hope you’re joking, it’s hard to tell.

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true. It’s my best software-purchase ever. Using it every day.


Same here… Whatever the downsides of the glacial development pace, it’s certainly an amazing value!

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…don’t complain, make music…


Dude please , just go back to wherever you came from

I am pretty confused as to why people keep insisting on a piano roll. I am somewhat new to this forum, but it trips me out. I feel like Renoise is special because it’s an exception to the 80-20 rule (we only use 20% of a programs features 80% of the time). I love that I am able to use a majority of its features in a quick and efficient way. It doesn’t feel bloated. Thats why I use it. When I start Renoise I feel inspired, when I launch Ableton I draw a total blank. I think it should be enough to have the ability to create tools for it separately without insisting on it being a core feature. I get that it might bring more users, but it would probably be better (in my opinion) to just keep it as a separate tool.


check this Simple Pianoroll: com.duftetools.SimplePianoroll.xrnx - #154 by NPC1