Pirated Vst Software!

I would like to make this only one question about pirated software a.k.a stylus and for songs that have been produced with this non registered software ( stylus, nexus e.t.c ). What’s going to happen if i try to sell this songs on line in sites that support indie labels like cdbaby? In case someone recognises a sound or a loop. Are there any charges or lawsuits? Can i buy the software afterwards? Sorry for my bad english and thank you 4 your patience. I would be thankful for any answer that can help

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Well, lots of record companies can afford professional audio engineers that check out thousands of work to analyze (using expensive equipment) whether known samples have been used.
They then attempt to recover the original sound and if that is a 100% match, they check whether the author got sample-clearance.
If the author did not got sample clearance:his ass will flame red.
Lucky for you is that the samples provided with the VST software are usually royalty free. and you only get busted if they catch you using the illegal version of the software… but they cannot touch you if they cannot prove you used the software itself.

If you really make money by using software, i would not wait too long with registering.
There is imho not much wrong with being a freeloader when you ain’t got a dime, but if you can afford it, cough up.

you’re worried a company will double-check if you registered when they recognise a song using their vst?
(there’s plenty of good free VSTs)

If you can’t afford to buy software, don’t steal it. Help people make the free software better instead.

could you know a trumpeter’s trumpet was stolen by listening to him play?

No one will care unless you make more money than you care about.

boring. just make the music.

I think what “h20” has in their cracked vsts is right: try before you buy and don’t make money with warez…

So: If you really like the software and can afford it: buy it.

Renoise is affordable for everybody.

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yeah, in seriousness it is worth buying software you use alot if you can. except windows cause its crap. especially with music stuff, its cool to play around with loads of different stuff to get a feel for what you like or would use, but at the end of the day there is no real point in having loads of software installed that you never use anyway, so its not necessarily such a big deal to shell out on legit versions of one or two apps you use all the time.

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