pitch envelope scratching

Apologies if this is noob stuff, or answered elsewhere!

What I’m trying to do is scratch a sample (like a hip-hop DJ scratch). Is there a way to create (or record) a pitch envelope that can modulate the pitch of a sample from, say 2x forwards speed to 2x negative speed through zero? I had envisioned something like this:

5115 pitch_envelope.gif

I’m hoping that would mean that dragging the points around will give an visual representation of what is happening when a DJ is moving a record back and forth under the needle. Then applying some volume modulation would do the job of the crossfader. (I hope!)

I did a search but couldn’t find anything other than some clever tweaks of pattern commands doing combos of pitching up and down and reverse / sample offsets (bit too clever for me!)

I’ve used vst’s for this and/or rendered in pitch changes into samples, maybe you can play around with the pitch section of a sample in the modulation part of the instrument editor. Add a lfo, link parameters of the lfo to a macro dial, hook up the dials to a midi controller or control through the automation editor and see if you can fake it?

You can adjust the pitch range in the top of the modulation view, search for the optimal pitch wobble range :)

Thanks for the reply :) I gave this a go and nearly got somewhere after much fiddling but finding it very tricky matching up the envelopes and the sample B01 pattern commands. Is there a cheap (or free!) vst you can recommend for this kind of thing?

i tried it a while ago, my sucsess was acceptable
1 - slice samples and make pattern with forward, backward playing samples or 0B00 command
2 - make operand on pitch envelope and make a macro control for it, then automate with instrument macro samples pitch
3 - make some gate effect using vol column in pattern matrix (like a hip-hop DJ scratch)with crossfader ;D

Haven’t used them for ages, but I’ve used kkscratcher.

Just google scratch vst and try out some of the results, maybe this one is good; http://www.z3-audiolabs.com/scratch_it_free/

Maybe you try this on renoise:

Trigger the sample with random sample starts and do some heavy automations on pitch.

Here’s an old thread:

if you’re interested, there’s an old demo i made forever ago for programming scatches:

using pattern commands is the craftier way to do it, in my opinion. EMBRACE THE TRACKER!

Wow thanks all! given me some great ideas to try out. That reason video sounded good and free classic scratch samples too. kk plugins look interesting too.

thats a nice demo, thx :)