Scratching In Renoise

I have made 2 tutorials for making almost-real sounding scratch samples in renoise, using 4-5 native effects/patterncommands simultaneously, regarding real scratching physics.

they are here:

have fun, and please drop comments if you have any

all the best! :)

wtf? is xml file?

right click -> “save as” ;)

and it is zip file) with xml))))

Simplest XRNS-File for use with renoise 1.8. Dunno what is the problem here?

ohh now all is ok)
becouse i have download xrns as ZIP

i was trying this myself not long ago, but failed miserably.

Nice work, but why the automated filter?

May I include this one as a tuturial song in the next renoise release?

very big thanks)))

Hehe, impressive stuff. You nailed it pretty well. :)

Very interesting. :)

what a question, of course! i feel honoured ;)

anyway, it is still not perfect. some rapid BPM would definitely help, and of course, narrow automatics, but hey, this is a good start:)

if anyone has better ideas (real turntablists are welcome:)), hit me!

I’ve tried to do fake scratching in renoise in the past but it was never nearly as good as this. I used a lfo device to control the filter but in the end that just made it more complicated because you still have to start and stop it and it can be a real hassle to sync the lfo… so I gave up. I’m gonna try your method tonight.

i made this scratching demo a while ago. might still be relevant:

i’m gonna make toast

:dribble: its good)

i think it’s a bit too computerized, but all in all, good :)

curiosity sparked me on how many different scratch techniques there are in existence. i found this while looking for an established hierarchy of
something like a 36 chambers of scratching.

an this gives perfect examples!…ce/fmc_lisz.mp3

This track has a combi of real scratch + the 1xx/2xx/4xx/b00 fx…
I scratched a few minutes and cut-up the sample.

haven’t heard enough scratching to know for sure, but

just used 20xx.