Pitch Shift/timestretch?

I’m simply looking for a vst-plugin that would allow me to do the exact same thing that happens with a sample when you play it an octave lower than the original file, in Renoise; Both the speed and the pitch gets lower.

well, I don’t know of any VST’s, although I did ask the same question Before.

There were a couple suggested, but none worked for me.

BUT I found THIS as the way to do what I wanted.

Waves Soundshifter
you can set how long you want the file to play for e.g. 64 snap it to the grid
if its too low in pitch use the soudshifter to pitch up and get the original pitch back
it isnt the most perfect way of doing it but it has great results
soundshifter is in the waves mercury bundle
hope this helps

If you use OS X, there’s a built in plug-in AU named AUPitch that does it.

Also on OS X: Audiowish Octave Shifter 2, also free.

Nice! Thanx for this one!

Surely there’s something a bit cheaper (or preferably free) that does similar with reasonable results.

Many, many ways to do this, and some of them are free.

Analog X Autotune is a single-purpose (free) program for shifting pitch and time.

Audacity is a freeware (and really useful) wave editor/recorder/sequencer. Highlight the wave (or you can load FLAC files, .ogg, .mp3) and go to Effect > Change Pitch. I recommend the 1.3.X beta though. It’s stable enough for me to use constantly, and it’s waaaaay beyond the 1.2.6 stable release. Oh yeah… and it will change pitch without changing time, and change time without changing pitch… but of course that degrades the sound a bit.

I have a copy of Cool Edit Pro 96 that will do this too. It’s free if you only want to use one function at a time. If you want to use all functions at the same time you have to pay for it. Make sure you get the Cool Edit Pro 96 version - after 2.x they started doing timed expiration on the trial copy, and only saving the first ten seconds.

The list goes on and on.

Correct me if im wrong, but can you not do this already in renoise, by simply playing the octaves lower or higher on the keyboard?
Or if you want to time stretch it into a specific amount of beats, there’s the instrument properties tab, and then the sync box where you can type in how many beats you want it to fit into…
This seems like such an obvious solution, im not sure you were even talking about it, since someone probably would have mentioned it.

Yeah, but some might want more control over it. If you use a wave editor you can stretch it out (make it longer and drop the pitch) then change tempo back. It’s better to drop down to the key you need and then speed back up, because if you try to stretch time out you get distortion.

that’s not really pitch shifting, it’s just pitch changing ;)

pitch shift will change your pitch while mainitaining the same length - duration of the sound, if you change octave
you have double the time, or half of it depending on if you go up or down, if you sync the box and fit the beats, your pitch will change with the tempo change, but point with time shift is to change it while the tempo is the same

to answer the question, there is a very nice pitch shift unit in amplitube2 , i wish it was an individual plugin too

Braindoc has a few interesting (free) pitch shift plugins:

I thought that’s what he meant.

“speed and pitch gets lower” - means the sample is played faster/slower :)

Renoise does it, but the guy wants a VST plugin that does this.
I don’t understand the logic why using a VST plugin for that… Essential effect column commands usually don’t operate on VST plugins so you only lose features by using plugins instead of using the native methods.

it does not, you can do timestretch via sample offset commands but it’s not really the same - i was looking for pitch shift myself as well, something simple that i could automate with dry/wet and coarse , it gives you some crazy psytrancy sounds

(off-topic, but) Ableton Live does this in real-time, with options for different methods so sound can be mangled with impunity from smooth to grainy. Live Lite 4 came with my M-Audio 2496 and so far I’ve updated it for free to Live Lite 7, for free.

It would be pretty excellent if Renoise would’ve similar timestretch/pitchshift functionality, maybe as a instrument feature or as a built-in effect?

It ain’t perfect, but if you want perfect that requires a few more algorithms that do more than simply copy bits and interpolate.

of course, but as it is, i wouldn’t say that renoise has this feature, it only has an option of how you can do it, I think timestretch would need to be implemented in advanced sampler / xrni mode , which i would love to see, and pitch shifter could be made as a new dsp plugin, I think it would be nice if it you could set grains, attack , release, feedback, semitones ±24 , fine tune , filter similar to chorus dsp, and of course dry/wet knob
I think Dblue was actually doing some kind of timestretch that was “tracker based” and if i’m not wrong it’s featured in his glitch plugin? perhaps he could help creating such device for renoise

the stretch featured in Dblues Glitch plug-in,he also made a plug-in version,i think its floating around on this forum somewhere(but cant remember)

dblue Stretch is here: