Pitch Shifting.

Hello, Maybe this is a beginner question, so feel free to move it if so, mods.

I’m looking for a way to pitch shift my samples without changing the tempo, basically, for drum loops and vocal samples.
I think i might’ve done this accidently once, but I can’t figure out how to do it again, so I’ve no idea if it’s possible in renoise.
If it is possible, can anyone tell me how?
If not, does anyone have any suggestions for a free mac vst shifter?
Thanks in advance guys,


Madshifta can do this

or you can play that sample at a different pitch and use the 09xx offset command
Enter the note a lot of times and define where in the sample each note should start with 09xx
you can kindof emulate it having a different pitch but the same tempo this way (but not quite)

Or Ckpitchshifter from xoxos:

Is this one better than madshifta by chance? :P

Let your ears be the judge :P

You can also use a timestretcher, like akaizer http://bbjan79.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/akaizer/

timestretch your original sample, then play the stretched sample at your original sample pitch + percentage of stretch converted in pitch. You’ll have a sample at it’s original tempo but with higher or lower pitch.

(ie: take an original sound playing at A-4 (440hz), timestretch it at 200% with akaizer, so your stretched sample will be twice as long, load this in renoise, play it at A-5 (880hz) and voila, sample is 1 octave higher for same length.)

Not perfect, but can give interesting sound results.

I achieve way better result with this manual pitchshifting method than the automatic plugins one (personal taste though).

Thanks for the replies guys, but I can’t seem to get madshifta to work in osX, and can’t find a mac version of ckpitch. Do you know if one exists?

Lunat, I’m more interested in real time shifting, Audacity works fairly well for changing individual samples.


renoise should have its own pitchshifter+1

realtime or modplug style?

i actually dont know much about modplug,so i have to say realtime

Does anybody know how to get Madshifta working?
I had working Pitchwheel, but it’s awfull.


put it in your DSP chain and change its ‘Tune’ slider.

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately it isn’t detected by Renoise at all, is it a PPC plugin or so? (I’m on Intel)
The pitch shift function in Renoise hasn’t the desirable effect, for example when I have a nice synced sample, and i want to pitch shift it, it sort of works but uses 1 or 2 bars to shift it. What i would want is that it’s shifted immediately…

Renoise should just have a nice (read: easy to use, nice gui to generate those hex val’s) and good working pitch changer.

you’ll need really good asio for madshifta


Hate to dig up an old thread but I’m not sure if this one has been mentioned yet. From KVR Developer Challenge 09’


Apparently its like a “multi bank/tap” pitch shifter…

I’ve turned off all banks but the first one, and have compensated for pitch increase in a beat “synced” in sample properties…

I’m a fan of Tobybear’s work, but the quality of this one is better than MadShifta at -12 semitones shift side by side on a synced drum loop sample.

That is all, thanks.

01xx & 02xx commands have pitch shift effects i recently messed around with em for a song and they sound cool especially for drum samples that you want
to pitch down and bring back up.

The thing I never really understood was why it’s (obviously) so hard to make a proper pitchshifter for pc while mac computers are equipped with a very reasonable pitchshift AU by default.

I reckon the devs just want to get it right and not put out some half-arsed solution that’ll sound different in later releases. Here’s to hoping :rolleyes:

The au pitch shifter included with OSX is very resource heavy, though very nice.
I hooked an LFO meta-device to it running on a quad core and it ran very nice and clean on the breakbeats I was using.
Only when I started thinking about changing a bunch of parameters in it with the meta-device did it begin to show any weakness.
Still sounded good but in a different way.

For OS X, there’s also Audiowish Octave Shifter 2 which is realtime and free.