Pitch tracking

I don’t understand Pitch Tracking. If I want to invert keyboard tracking to the pitch (for eg. c3 play c4, and c4 play c3…) how I have to operate?

there is not enough pitch range for doing such a thing in pitch modulation, since it only has -12st…+12st range…

I hope i am not wrong, but now pitch range is adjustable in modulation section to 96st and you can basically invert pitch of all notes, i have already did this while testing new features…

You are correct you have +/- 96st range now, you can also make any note play at a constant pitch as well

Go to modulation section chose pich, in the uper left corner you will find pitch range chose 96st. and insert pitch keytracking modulator, chose “+”, set up max to c-1 and min to c-9, and you now have inverted all notes along your keyboard…


sorry guys… I really didn’t notice that dropdown box :wacko:

try something like this:
4531 Chip - Square - Reversed pitch.xrni

by the way, I can’t think of any useful usage of something like this… I mean, if you want to reverse the pitch of notes, simply play the “opposite” of the note that “should” be played

edit: I noticed migloJE already described this very same approach

well i find this useful, some interesting results in melody you get eaven scale of notes are diferent, also this could be used for drum kit special effects, well actualy it depends on your imagination, i find all new features usefull eaven if they look crazy… ;)/>

p.s. i personaly think that renoise was already great since version 1.28 and all new features is just some small adjustments to make software more comfortable, instrument editor is already getting better but weakest thing in renoise to my opinion is wave editor, could be powerful as cool edit AKA audition or other with multimple editing posibilities, also as i sugested earlyer to implement more funcionalituy to sampler … Diagram of additional features that would be welcome in the future

would be a dream tool… :)/>