Play All / Cycle / Random in Keyzones

First off, I love the new “play all / cycle / random” mode in Keyzones.

One little add-on suggestion here though:
How about an option to assign different modes to different chunks of samples?

I’m creating a multilayered kit, with let’s say a kick sample assigned to C4, three snare samples assigned to D4, and 10 closed, slightly different hi-hats samples on F#4.
Now, then I want the kick to play alone, the three snares together, and I’d like the 10 hihat samples to play at random, or cycle.
As far as I know, that’s not possible now, I’d have to create a new instrument solely for the hihats, right?

It would kick ass if I could just select the 10 hihats in the sample list, and select “cycle”, while “play all” was not changed for the remaining samples.