Play MIDI notes that are shorter than one line

Is this possible? Or do I have to increase the Lines per Beat (aka have to work with giant fast scrolling patterns)?

Thanks in advance!


it’s all explained in this thread


Thank you very much!!

Although possible, I recommend that you increase the resolution of your patterns.

I just want to micromanage note-offs for rythmic purposes. Delay and Cut do work nicely for that. Inflating the pattern x-fold to give me the desired resolution would be a nightmare to edit.

For future versions the devs could give it a thought to simply add a note length column.

This usually happens because you do not use the proper resolution. A good tip is, before you begin to compose, calculate that musical figure is the smallest that you are going to place, so that a line is equal or inferior to that figure. Thus you determine the resolution.

In the opposite case, if the song is already composed and you are in the nuances phase you can use a Dblue tool to redistribute the patterns in higher resolution tracks. That is, you can duplicate the number of lines easily:

If it’s for instance just having 1/16th HiHats you also can take a delay effect and turn this off or on.

Pattern Resizer: Downloaded it, thanks!