Play Multiple Patterns Simultaneously

I wonder if Renoise can play Multiple patterns simultaneously. Like FLStudio Playlist.
What do you Think about it?

yes! Very good idea :) . this has come up lots of times, especially here:…c=2743&st=0

Have fun reading through it! :wink:

Right now it isn’t possible, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it in a future update.

…I left FLStudio for a reason guys. :lol:

And what reason would that be?

It just started getting cheesy (both the program and my attitude towards it). I don’t remember exact reasons, but I just remember that I felt as if I couldn’t go nuts with it. If that makes any sense. That and the idea that I could change the lines per pattern on each pattern in RNS really turned me on to it. I just felt as if I was forced to stay in 4/4 sig in FL. That and my work flows are different between the two programs.

Don’t get me wrong, FL’s a good program. I used it for years. It just wasn’t my thing anymore. I occasionally open it and make some ambient tracks in there, but that’s about it.

But what does that have to do with being able to arrange patterns side by side? :P

+1 We could call it Pattern Arranger maybe? or just Arranger

Absolutely NOTHING!!! I was just stating that I prefer my work flow in RNS instead of FL. :P

Play Multiple Patterns Simultaneously: +1 for this call

It would be a nice thing, my workflow would be really faster avoiding a lot of ctrl+c / ctrl-v…