Play samples and a VSTi from a single drumpad controller?

Is it possible to play samples and a vsti (beat machine CM) from a single pad controller?

I have vestax pad one. It can only change midi channel per bank and not per pad.

Is there another way for me to play samples and a drum vsti all from one padbank?

(other than rendering vtsi to samples)

To begin with, you can load both samples and a VST onto the same instrument slot in Renoise. When you play it, it will trigger both.

But perhaps more desirable is the MIDI input, which let’s you assign the controller to specific instrument(s) and also define keyboard splits and more.

Finally, I have created a tool which lets you customize things even further. It lets you use different layouts (isomorphic, chromatic etc.).
Not sure which pad controller you are referring to, but there is a number of them suppported out of the box: