Play selection function

Title was suppose to read “Play Selection + Loop Function” - so there’s no confusion.

Is it suitable to add to the block loop function custom ranges that can be defined by user selection in the pattern editor?

For example:

  • User highlights a length selection from line 03 to line 23
  • Key command triggers loop playback from lines 03 to 23

It appears to me that at present the block loop rounds off it’s start and end points to the “nearest”.

To be consistent i suppose this function would have to be considered with time selections made
in also the automation panel and phrases.
The sample waveform editor on the other hand could only consider this functionality if autoseek is enabled - if that makes sense?

Personally, i have a hard time being able to work on certain sections because loop block sizes are pre-defined and start/end times
are more than often not the range i want to actually hear.

You can use the New Tool (2.7): Play Song From Marker tool.

It could be modified to do exactly what you want. (what’s bellow is not the modification I propose)

For now you can use the attachment bellow:


renoise.tool():add_midi_mapping {  
 name = "Global:Tools:Play song from marker...",  
 invoke = play  

to the tool’s main.lua

use a virtual midi port and have an instrument that would send midi to it

midibind the used CC in the doofer to the Play Loop From marker (don’t forget to go into the doofer and set the linked instrument, you can’t save that in a .xnrt)

keybind Set Marker to something comfortable

midibind the loop time and on off to a midi knob and a toggle switch

Now just save project as template, so that this doofer and that midi instrument would always be there.

Also, you must have the midi port in the Master Keyboard list in the options menu, I never quite understood why though, why can’t you just receive midi not from a master keyboard.

Thanks gova for this, i will take a look at it in the meantime.

My goal was that this request can be considered as native functionality though as I think it will provide the best of both worlds :)/>